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The Top Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss Out on as a Young Professional

When most people think of opportunities, they think of things that come from outside of themselves that they can use or take part in to advance their endeavors. That perspective …

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Characteristics of Successful Small Business Owners

Many people get into business because they have a great idea they want to bring to life, but it takes more than a great vision to build success. Beyond business …

College Savings 529 Day | Sharon Lechter on Arizona’s Family On Your Side

In celebration of 529 Day, Sharon speaks with Susan Campbell and Arizona’s Family on Your side about the benefits of these savings accounts for college savings and who can participate. …

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Embracing Uncertainty Will Set You Free

As difficult as it may be, leaving our comfort zones is the best way to get more in our lives. That means we must step into uncertainty to get what …

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Do Student Loans Affect Credit? | Sharon Lechter in WalletHub

Trying to build your credit? Learn more about the circumstantial differences that set student loans apart from other types of loans and lines of credit. Read the full article

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I’m Gen-Z: How I Saved Enough Money to Buy My First Home | Sharon Lechter in Yahoo! Finance

Gen-Zers look to books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad for financial literacy tips. Read the full article 

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Making Money Requires Action | Money Habits to Help You Become Financially Free

Financial literacy is very important to me because I know that a little bit of knowledge in this area can make a massive difference to the quality of our lives. …

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How to Break Fear of Criticism

Getting criticized is an experience that can be difficult, but sometimes there can be great wisdom that comes with it. When you can learn to filter the feedback you get, …

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Get Yourself Out of Autopilot | Break Free from the Hypnotic Rhythm Blocking Your Success

Utilizing positive habits that push you forward toward your goals are a great thing, but living in autopilot mode, where the majority of your life is a habitually predictable routine, …

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Top 10 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make | Sharon Lechter in AZ Big Media

As we celebrate National Small Business Week, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the journey of entrepreneurship and the vital components that contribute to success. Whether you’re gearing up …