It has never been easier to become a published author…and publishing a book helps you build and strengthen your personal brand, as well as your credibility as an expert in your field. Being a successful author is about more than just writing…it is about Publishing with Purpose and a Platform. Getting clear on your message and speaking to your audience is the first step.

You can find dozens of sites online that will teach you how to write a book…for a fee. If you have a keyboard or a pad of paper…you can write…for free. Just keep the reader in mind. Write as if you are talking to the reader. Use story-telling in your writing…it allows to reader to get emotionally connected to your message. Don’t worry about your grammar. Once you have written your thoughts it is easy to find an editor to clean up your manuscript grammatically.

Some people set aside time each day to write a book…others dedicate concentrated amounts of time to write. John Grisham used to write each morning at 5am before he went to the office to practice law…it took him 3 years to write his first novel A Time to Kill. Dedicating time each day to writing definitely worked miracles for him. I, on the other hand, have to go away alone, apart from all distractions and immerse myself in writing to achieve the outcome I desire. Every book I have written has been written, in part, at a beach. I find solace and intense creativity at the beach. I have averaged a book every 9 months for the last 18 years. So what is the right answer for you? Only you can determine the answer.

The more important issue is getting started. Is there something you love to do? Write about it. Is there something that makes you mad? Write about it. Is there something new in your field? Write about it!

As you begin writing, ask yourself if you have a platform from which to promote your book? Do you have a database of loyal customers and fans? Do you have associates or others in your field that will help spread the word? What is your footprint in social media?

Do you know the latest trends in publishing…from traditional publishing to vanity publishing to e-book publishing?

I look forward to sharing regularly on the subject of Publishing with Purpose and a Platform for Profit over the next couple of months. There is a tried and true strategy that has created great success for me over the years. It is not enough to write a book…you need to let people know you have written it…and make it easy for them to buy it and tell others about it.

After receiving many requests for counsel and direction in publishing, I am hosting an event September 19th and 20th here in Scottsdale, Arizona bringing together my team of advisors to share their wisdom. For more information visit

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