Master Mentor

You are ready to launch your business into even greater success and reap the rewards of your hard work. 

Become part of the Master Mentor program and start accelerating your results.

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Master Mentor program includes:

  • One-on-one mentoring call with Sharon Lechter each month
  • Master Mentor retreat with Sharon & Michael Lechter
  • Private Mastermind Facebook group for networking with other Master Mentors
  • Access to Sharon and Michael’s Essential Components of a Successful Business online program
  • Access to Sharon’s Play Big online course
  • Private in-studio media training with Sharon
  • Opportunities for introductions to individuals in Sharon’s network to grow your business
  • Opportunities to join Sharon at speaking engagements and events globally

Because of my work with Sharon and her incredible team of master mentors, I have been able to: sidestep “bright shiny object syndrome”, get crystal clear on my niche and competitive advantage, generate triple the number of monthly leads, and close more of those sales with skill and confidence.

Eleanor Beaton

- Women’s Leadership Coach

“Sharon and Michael provided us with a customized step-by-step path to turn our book series into a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand. The information learned under their mentorship was clear, honest and linked to our best interests and those we serve. We are so grateful for mentors who don't teach from a position of theory, but from a lifetime of "been there, done that.””

Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl

The Oola Guys
Best Selling Authors and founders of and

I searched out Sharon Lechter to be my mentor as I wanted someone who was already successful and did not need my money. Words can’t express my gratitude of what Sharon (and Michael) has done for me since becoming my personal mentors.

Their knowledge is unparalleled and I’m so grateful for their insight and example of exactly what I need to do to to fulfil my destiny as a speaker, trainer and executive business mentor. Both Michael and Sharon are so easy to talk to, they listen, give feedback on what you need and not on what you want to hear.

It’s amazing how they are so humble yet so largely connected and respected globally. The work they have done for and with me in such a short time is life changing, the connections, the recognition by others and the fact it’s all about me and not them is a breath of fresh air. I love them both and so grateful for them in my life at this time.

Camilita Nuttall

-International Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer

Business Launch

Plan Your Entrepreneurial Success with Sharon and Michael Lechter

The right associations and mentors will propel you and your business down the path to success.

Are you looking to:

  • Launch a new business venture?
  • Take your business to the next level?
  • Leverage new partnerships?
  • Turn your intellectual property into revenue streams?
  • Convert one revenue stream into many?
  • Expand globally?
  • Publish a book?

Sharon and Michael Lechter have launched several successful businesses rightfrom their dining room table, including the Rich Dad Company, TechPress Inc andPay Your Family First. From that same table they have worked with clients andbusiness partners to launch multi-million dollar successes of their own. Now youcan get access to Sharon and Michael’s expert mentorship and their entrepreneurialvision that has led to hundreds of millions in revenue and impact around the world.

Sharon and Michael offer a customized mentoring experience based on your vision and needs:

  • Sharon or Mike individually
  • Sharon and Mike together
  • Single session appointments
  • Series of appointments customized to meet your goals
Mastermind Retreat

For the ultimate coaching experience, book your Cowboy Mentoring Camp at the beautiful Cherry Creek Lodge, nestled within the pristine wilderness of the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. Join Sharon and Michael Lechter at their private lodge for a 5-Day/4-Night intensive mastermind camp.

Chart your own course for success and enjoy this cowboy experience with the guidance from experts in strategy, intellectual property, tax planning, obtaining financing and getting results. During this in-depth think tank,you will:

  • Create Your Success Strategy
  • Identify Your Intellectual Property Assets
  • Develop a Strategy to Make Money from your Intellectual Property