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Do Student Loans Affect Credit? | WalletHub

Trying to build your credit? Learn more about the circumstantial differences that set student loans apart from other types of loans and lines of credit. Read the full article

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I’m Gen-Z: How I Saved Enough Money to Buy My First Home | Yahoo! Finance

Gen-Zers look to books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad for financial literacy tips. Read the full article 

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Top 10 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make | Sharon Lechter in AZ Big Media

As we celebrate National Small Business Week, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the journey of entrepreneurship and the vital components that contribute to success. Whether you’re gearing up …

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Money Radio 1510 | How Money Works For Women Aired 4/24/24

Sharon joins Business for Breakfast on Money Radio to discuss how money works for women. Listen here

3 on Your Side Interview

Raising Smart Savers | Sharon Lechter On Your Side Podcast

Raising Smart Savers   AZ Family’s On Your Side speaks with Sharon about strategies to raise smart savers and finding fun learning opportunities.

Teach Kids About Money

How to Teach Your Kids About Money | Sharon Lechter On Your Side Podcast Interview

On Your Side Podcast Interview   Susan Campbell and Gary Harper speak with Sharon on AZ Family’s On Your Side Podcast about strategies to provide your kids with the information …

Sharon Lechter 3TV Consumer Watch

How Money Works for Women | Sharon Lechter on AZ 3 TV Consumer Watch

Sharon Lechter on AZ 3TV   Sharon Lechter speaks with Whitney Clark on AZ 3TV’s Consumer Watch about the most important money lessons for women from Sharon’s most recent book, …

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Sharon Lechter on Hustle Culture: inBusiness Magazine

Thriving in the Fast Lane: Essential Healthy Habits for Young Professionals to Beat Hustle Culture And a healthy reminder for professionals at any stage of their career. The hustle-and-grind culture …

Sharon Lechter Featured on The Street

TheStreet’s Sabrina Toppa speaks with Sharon Lechter about the importance of education in crypto. In her article, she shares, “Despite the prevalence of so-called “crypto bros,” women are increasingly making …

How Money Works for Women

Sharon Lechter Featured on MarketWatch

MarketWatch reports on Sharon Lechter’s release of her book How Money Works for Women: Take Control or Lose It with Kim Scouller. Click here to read the full article.