The Play Big Movement Podcast

How the Most Successful Play Big


About the Play Big Movement Podcast:

In each episode, Sharon interviews people who are the best in their field: experts, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, creatives, and all-around successes. Listen to learn about how each extraordinary guest played big to get to the top, what it took for them to get there, and advice for listeners looking to become #1 in their field. Get inspired every week to build and live your legacy and create maximum impact. Play big and join the movement.

Guests include:

  • Mark Victor Hanson- Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series
  • Lisa Copeland- Pioneer in the field of automotive sales and brand strategy
  • Bob Burg- Author of Endless Referrals and Creator of The Go Giver book series
  • Keri Murphy- Founder of Inspired Living
  • Jim Stovall- Bestselling author, Co-founder of the Emmy Award Winning Narrative Television Network

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