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Get daily access to mentoring from Sharon Lechter- one of the World’s Greatest Motivators, the Premier Expert for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Success, an international speaker, 5 time New York Times Bestselling Author and business mentor.

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It's time to join the movement and play big.

Why not? Why not take the road less traveled, do what no one else has done, and why not Play Big? Life is too short to play small. It’s time to shed the limitations that have stopped you from playing big in the past and reignite your dreams…

… and become financially free while doing it.

As a best-selling author, a successful entrepreneur, and the premier financial literacy expert, I’ve played big my entire career. I had to in order to make the kind of impact I wanted in this world. Along the way, I’m grateful to have teamed up with world-class brands such as Disney, Time, Life, and Warner Books.

After building the largest personal finance brand on the planet with Rich Dad, I played even bigger by stepping into the personal development arena and reigniting the largest personal development brand with Think and Grow Rich. I was also honored to serve two U.S. Presidents as an advisor on the topic of financial literacy.

But in 2012, I suffered a devastating loss that stopped me in my tracks. Although I was still working, I felt numb. I was coasting, and I certainly was not playing big. After years on autopilot, it became clear to me that playing small was no longer an option for me. While I still carry the pain of that loss, I was reminded that I am still here for a reason and that there is more for me to do.

There is more for you in this life too. That’s why I’m on a mission to help you play big by reigniting those dreams you’ve let go and showing you how to become financially free while you pursue them. Most importantly, I’m on a mission to support you in creating your own legacy and making the kind of impact on the world that only you can. It’s all here, and I can’t wait to see what playing big looks like for you.

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International keynote speaker providing valuable information and actionable steps on financial literacy, leadership, entrepreneurship, & wealth building.

Master Mentor

One-on-one business leadership mentor for financial, personal, and professional success with a proven track record as a serial entrepreneur with expertise in creating sustainable, scalable and saleable businesses.


New York Times Bestselling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and 22 other books including Think and Grow Rich for Women and Outwitting the Devil.

Serial - Entrepreneur

Creator and owner of several thriving businesses with expertise in creating and leveraging intellectual property into income-producing assets.

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"Sharon Lechter has been the driving force behind two of the planet’s biggest brands- Rich Dad and Think and Grow Rich. She now shares her strategic genius so that entrepreneurs across the globe are empowered with the tools to achieve their own success and abundance. Best of all, with her tools and mentorship, you can create your entrepreneurial super success too."

Mark Victor Hanson Entrepreneur & International Speaker Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series Author, The Miracles in You Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

"Sharon champions her message by sharing it in ways that are compelling and relevant and by living the example for others to follow. An extraordinary mentor to many, she has inspired the rest of us to become the best form of ourselves."

Greg S. Reid Award Winning Author and Speaker

"Sharon mixes her wisdom with a powerful communication style… Results in an inspired audience and success!"

Deborah Bateman Vice Chairman-National Bank of Arizona

"Sharon Lechter is the most amazing speaker and teacher. We are so grateful and so pleased to have her not only at one, but two of our conferences and hope to have her back soon."

Jody DeVere Co-founder, Women in Automotive Conference

"Sharon’s exceptional delivery is only matched by the way she interacts with the crowd. She isn’t just a drawcard for your event, she becomes a resource for you and your audience."

Brad Sugars Chairman & Founder, ActionCOACH

Your Master Mentor

Scale your business reach, performance, and revenue with a personalized mentoring program with Sharon Lechter, who has built multiple billion-dollar brands.

Sharon has worked with some of the world’s most notable authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier, Greg S. Reid, Bill Walsh, Erik Swanson, Mark Victor Hansen, Berny Dohrmann. And now, she’s opening up a spot to mentor a select few top performers.

From one on one meetings at the “big table” where billion-dollar brands have been launched, to face-to-face online meetings, to retreats at her ranch ( with her husband and intellectual property expert Michael Lechter, to online support and training.

With Sharon’s holistic approach to mentoring, you will know you have found your Master Mentor… or your business ”Mom” as her clients affectionately refer to her.

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As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, financial literacy advocate and successful businesswoman, Sharon Lechter combines her passion and expertise with class and charisma to deliver dynamic and actionable presentations for audiences around the world. She is recognized globally as an expert on many topics, including personal finance, leadership, entrepreneurship and wealth building.

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Access decades of successful business-building expertise through self-study, online programs. After building and expanding three global brands, Sharon has also mentored and supported many others in building their successful businesses. Sharon is sharing her knowledge and guidance through her online programs for anyone looking to take their business and their life to the next level. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for one-on-one mentoring, business owners can now access that same mentoring for a much smaller investment…and still have access to Sharon and her community of experts through her online platform.

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