Grow Your Personal Brand with Jay Jay

Jay Jay is the founder of Ace of Spades, a social media and PR agency that helps both businesses and personal brands become known as credible experts in their industry. He practices from personal experience, being personally known for his 55 million view YouTube channel and significant international public speaking career. Not only is Jay Jay a successful entrepreneur, but he is a huge force of energy who has the power to make a lasting impact in any room that he enters.

Sharon and Jay Jay speak about techniques for building a personal brand and how new technology presents people with the need to constantly evolve with the times in the way that they promote themselves and share the ideals that they have with the world. Jay Jay also speaks about how anyone with a story has the power to learn to leave the legacy that they desire made possible through the power of the amazing technology that we have at our fingertips. You don’t need to drive hours to a convention to speak when you can do it all on your iPhone. 


What You Will Learn

  • Tips for selling yourself
  • How to remain at the cutting edge of technology
  • Importance of evolving with the times
  • How to leave a legacy

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