motivate your employeesHow do you motivate your employees when people are motivated in different ways? Dr. Isaura Gonzalez, guest blogger, explains the simple answer:

Ask them!

Of course, this may seem to you like an obvious approach. Or, you might be wondering if this will cause more issues because you expect to get as many different answers as you have employees. And, you also might be thinking if it’s really worth your time to manage everyone’s needs when you already have a lot on your plate to keep your business thriving.

It Takes People

What is important to realize is that your business can only go so far on its own devices. Businesses are made up of people. And those people need to stay motivated and engaged to be effective and productive members of your business community. Taking the time to understand your employees’ needs will go a long way and produce numerous benefits to your company’s success.

Survey Says…

When you reach out to your employees, I suggest doing so via an anonymous survey. Include multiple choice options and questions that require open-ended answers. This will increase the likeliness of honest, open responses. Remember, you will have your outliers…those who feel a cruise vacation is due just because they show up to work every day. And you will also have employees who are completely satisfied with doing their work for the good of the company and are happy enough just to get a paycheck for their contributions.

Most employees, however, are somewhere in the middle. They understand that they have a job to do, but they also appreciate being appreciated and receiving recognition for a job well done.


This may sound like an odd analogy, but I like to equate the issue of employee motivation with a golf swing. You can look good, and you can have all the right equipment. But, if you don’t step up to the tee and provide a decent follow through, your ball will go in the totally wrong direction. It’s the same with how you motivate your employees. If you give the impression that you care, but don’t provide follow through in ways that are meaningful to your team, they won’t help drive your business to the next level.

So, my advice to you is to talk to your employees. Find out who they are and what is important to them. Make work fun and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Be flexible. Empower your team. Reward them. In turn, they will help you and your business get that coveted hole in one.

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