Humanizing Business with Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie Mayne credits his father, who was a professional wrestler known as “Moondog” Mayne, with inspiring a deep sense of kindness and respect in him from a young age. Lonnie carried this with him into the corporate business world, where he quickly saw the value of real humanity and treating others with respect. For the first 18 years of his career, he grew with a customer experience technology company that would become one of the biggest in the field, always holding his humanistic values at the core of his work. Today we’re discussing his new book Red Shoes Living, and how humanizing business creates high performance, and allows you to play big.

“It’s a higher level of leadership or awareness, because you’re literally treating every single person you come in contact with, with respect and understanding, and that it’s on us to pull out all of that goodness in them…so ultimately you get performance.”

What You Will Discover

  • How to create high performance through humanizing your business
  • How to stand out from the rest of your competition and be number one in your field
  • Using business partnerships to validate you and spread your message


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