Taking a Position of Leadership and Readiness with René Banglesdorf

Rene Banglesdorf is a model and champion for women who want to excel in male-dominated industries, and has continued to raise the bar with her work. After building a successful company selling airplanes, she felt a call to have a greater impact, and co-authored her first book with my good friend Lisa Copeland. Now René has written her second book, Stand Up: How To Flourish When The Odds Are Stacked Against You, in which she implores her readers to step out, find their unique voices, and make a difference.

Stand Up is really about being willing to step out and take a position of leadership and readiness, and say ‘I’m going to do something.’”

What You Will Discover

  • How you can stand out and excel in male-dominated industries
  • Why you should push the envelope and not remain silent
  • Ways that you can make a broader impact with the work that you do


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