Building Master Networks with Chas Wilson

You’ve heard me talk about the power of association many times, and my guest today Chas Wilson is all about association and building networks. Chas started in real estate, but had to reinvent himself in 2011 as so many people did. What he discovered was that everything he had built up to that point was based on his networks, and he made his work about sharing that realization. Now the president and CEO of Master Networks, Chas is expanding his business nationwide to help business owners and entrepreneurs build their networks, connect with others, and generate new business.

“Everything I have in my life of any significance is from relationships.”

What You Will Discover

  • How the trust you build in relationships fuels all aspects of your life
  • Using your network to expand your work and your business
  • Reinventing yourself when you face challenges


  • Learn more about Chas and his work at
  • Connect with Chas on LinkedIn and social media
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