Honest to Greatness with Peter Kozodoy

In this episode, I’m joined by Peter Kozody, an Inc 5000 serial entrepreneur, TedX speaker, and business coach. He’s also the award-winning author of the new book “Honest To Greatness.” Peter started out a figure skater with big dreams to go to the Olympics, as well as Harvard. When neither of those dreams panned out, he was forced to pivot and eventually wound up starting a video production business. He then got an MBA from Columbia University where he learned how little he actually knew about business at the time! Peter and I talk his unique approach to marketing that he eventually realized could be summarized simply as honesty, and how a dedication to practicing honest at all times can pave the way for great things in your life.


  • How self-discipline has been a regular theme in Peter’s life that allows him to grow confidence and pursue his goals
  • How the “terrible tragedy” that affected Peter after he turned 30 altered the entire trajectory of his life
  • Why honesty is the best strategy to figure out how to achieve your goals


Check out Peter’s website at www.honesttogreatness.com to take a free 21-question quiz to reveal your hidden honesty type

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