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Investing in Annuities | Income Streams for Retirement

There are many ways to build income streams, for your life now or for your future retirement. It is important to explore all your options before you make your choice, …

Should You Own or Rent to Build Wealth? | Objective Insights for Financial Freedom

Owning or renting to build wealth is a debate that continually happens, especially when the markets change, and interest rates rise. The reality is that no matter what the financial …

Wealth: Assets and Liabilities | Personal Finance Insights Everyone Needs

In our schools, we don’t teach the things that people need to know to build wealth and abundance in their lives. That means too many people are stuck in month-to-month …

How to Focus on Your Finances – Wealthy Insights to Get Ahead and Stay There!

When things aren’t going well financially, it can become very easy to put blinders on and ignore what’s happening with your money, but the problem with that is it just …

Money Tips for Graduates

Money Tips for Graduates

College graduation is a time for celebration. As you enter a new phase in your life, remember these money tips for graduates to help you create a strong foundation for …

Create Financial Wellness

How to Create Financial Wellness

April is Financial Literacy Month and with the increase in related news and information this month, it begs the question- Is Information Enough? Many people are well enough informed about …

Spending Guidelines

Spending Guidelines You Can Benefit From

If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, you’re not alone. In fact, recent studies estimate that half of working Americans are getting by this way. If you’re tired of waiting on your next paycheck, only to wonder where all your hard-earned money went after paying bills, now is the time to establish a monthly budget and spending guidelines to help you get ahead.

Spending Plan

How to Create a Spending Plan

One of the most common topics I’ve encountered while promoting financial literacy as CEO of Pay Your Family First is spending management. Many people focus on earnings without figuring out how and when they are going to distribute (spend) that money. They understand that to be successful, you should keep debts in check and save for the future—they simply don’t know how to make it happen. Everyone spends money. Having a spending plan allows us to be intentional about spending and provides a roadmap to financial goals.

how to create a budget plan

Five Smart Budgeting Tips for Busy Professionals

Budgeting is like eating healthy or exercising. We know we should do it; people urge us to do it all the time; and yet, for many, it is still difficult to make a firm commitment. It ends up being one of those things we are always putting off until the next day, or we do it in fits and starts.

ways to better manage money

Sharon’s Money Manifesto: Five Financial Rules for Success

One of the most rewarding things of my career is sharing what I have learned with others. Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone unlock their full potential, and it’s never too late to start this journey. But it is also important to remember that sound personal financial habits are the foundation to success.