Let’s Talk Money Monthly Webinar Membership

$47.00 / month


Sharon Lechter is live every month bringing you Money Mentorship.

During these live monthly live webinar sessions, she shares her insights on

  • what is happening in the economy and financial world.
  • what is influencing her financial decisions.
  • where she is seeing opportunities for investors and business owners.


Over the course of the webinars, Sharon helps you stay focused on these 4 steps to improve your financial situation:

Step 1: Understanding the driving force to your financial decision

Step 2: Creating a financial action plan to help you be accountable

Step 3: Eliminating bad debt

Step 4: Revenue generation


These four simple steps will help you master your money and create a life of greater financial confidence.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you have a better way to handle your money.


A program called “It’s Your Turn to Thrive” is an audio series of over seven hours of mentoring with all  my trusted advisers in all aspects, estate planning, tax planning, real estate, building a business, intellectual property. – Valued at $1000

A special Quarterly Q and A session with everyone together and you learn from each other. –  Valued at $2000! 

Three Feet from Gold Online program – Valued at $1500