Move over Gents, Sharon has become the new voice of modern inspiration.

Greg Reid

Best-selling author of Stickability, co-author of Think and Grow Rich
Three Feet From Gold, Filmmaker and Motivational Speaker

Sharon Lechter goes about her work with passion. Think and Grow Rich for Women is simply a book that needed to be written for today’s woman to help her grow and serve others.

Don Green

CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

Sharon Lechter has taken the best of Napoleon Hill to inspire women of all ages to Think and Grow Rich.  Can you improve on a masterpiece?  Yes, and this book is proof.

Harvey Mackay

Author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

As a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and catalyst Sharon Lechter mixes wisdom from women through the ages with her own powerful experiences to map a road to success. Keys to success identified by Napoleon Hill over 75 years ago enjoy a make-over; this time for women!

Barbara Barrett

Former United States Ambassador to Finland

Think and Grow Rich for Women

For all women seeking to create their ideal lives.

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Novalena Betancourt
Ann McNeill
Ali Brown

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From Sharon Lechter- these downloadable and online resources are available to use as you build your blueprint for success. 

Author’s Book Salon

Sharon Lechter brings women featured in the book to you in this power packed webinar series. You will hear directly from contributors how they overcame challenges and focused in on their BURNING DESIRE using the principles of success. Get action steps that you can implement into your own plan for success.

Create Your Own Mastermind – Are the right people surrounding you to accelerate your path to success? Create or expand your Mastermind groups, attract successful minds and spirits that will inspire and encourage you as you set goals, create plans for achievement, and work through the obstacles that may stand in your way. Get your free guide to creating a mastermind group here!

Coaching Programs– In keeping with Hill’s Mastermind Principle, the ONE BIG LIFE and one-on-one with Sharon Coaching programs positions you to:

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Your Free Gift

In your search for answers, are you sure you are asking the right question?
Sharon Lechter’s free gift to you…. The Real Question- The Story of Why Not

Sharon reveals the one question that may be more important than any other…to opening doors, uncovering possibilities, and establishing the framework for becoming your best you! Order The Real Question e-book and get it for FREE by using the promo code ANSWERTHIS at checkout. 

Think and Grow Rich for Women Workbook


This downloadable workbook takes the Ask Yourself section at the end of each chapter in the book and combines it into an interactive workbook. 

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