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Why do we need financial education? Simply put, because it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest factor in helping a student be financially independent and successful after graduation. Isn’t that the exact reason we are sending our children to school? I doubt it’s solely for the pure value of knowledge at the expense of massive debt.I am a strong proponent that it is better for our children to stub a toe at home than break a leg out on their own. The mistakes many of our children are making in college and later in their life as well aren’t based off any malicious intent to put themselves in debt, but simply a lack of knowledge and education. Some are lucky enough to receive a bit of financial knowledge from their parents – others not. Whatever the case, education is the tool we need to combat financial illiteracy. Financial education allows our children to stub that toe at home. With your help and programs like Youthpreneur, the ThriveTime game, prepaid VISA cards and other simple home lessons, you can let your children experiment and learn about finances first hand. Allow them to make the small controlled mistakes at home, so they know better where to tread lightly while away from it. It will save you and them from the consequences of uneducated actions with money.

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