Quiz: Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship?


Launching a business is an achievement many people dream of, but very few actually pursue. Do you have dreams to be a self-starter? If so, then you might be debating whether or not you’re fully prepared to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. While it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice before starting your own business, taking some time to answer a few of these questions can help you better gauge where you’re at.

Can You Self-Motivate?

Entrepreneurship requires an incredible amount of self-motivation and perseverance. Do you tend to take on new projects only to give up on them before they’re done? Or are you the type of person who always follows through?

Do People Turn to You For Help With Problems?

Entrepreneurs are natural-born problem solvers. If you’re the type of person who others turn to when they need advice or guidance with a problem, you already possess one of the most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

Do You Have a Solid Support System?

Whether it’s a spouse, close friends, or professional connections, having support from those closest to you is key when launching your own business.

Do You Fully Understand the Risks?

This is unbelievably important; before you even think about starting a business, you need to anticipate failures along the way, because they’re inevitable. Beyond that, however, make sure you fully understand the financial risks involved. And of course, keep in mind the potential emotional risks of entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to prioritizing your family and your business and potentially weathering those financial risks.

Are You Passionate About Your Business Idea?

Simply having a business idea that you think will be profitable isn’t enough. You should be insanely passionate about the type of business or product you want to launch. Otherwise, you can burn out very quickly.

Do You Have an Open Mind?

Entrepreneurship involves not just being reliant on your own knowledge and motivation to succeed, but being open-minded and ready to learn as well. This can be difficult for some, as many entrepreneurs are strong willed, but being willing and able to learn lessons along the way is key to growing as a business person.

If you answered “yes” to four or more of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re ready for entrepreneurship. Of course, it never hurts to seek out a little more guidance before you take that leap; contact me today to explore how I may support you in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.

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