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3 Tips to Be Your Own Champion

Be Your Own Champion

It isn’t easy to be your own champion, even when you are good at championing others. In life, your biggest competitor is yourself. You are competing for victory over fear, self doubt, procrastination and a number of other challengers to your title for success. There are three key ingredients to any championship formula.                Be Your Own Champion

Figure Out What You Want

It is impossible to figure out how to be your own champion if you don’t know what game you are playing. What is it that you want? Many people get stuck trying to figure out what they are passionate about. Ask yourself a few questions and you will probably find the answer. What do you talk about most (that isn’t prompted by a professional or personal obligation)? When you get lost in thought, what is it most often about? What do you spend your own time researching? What problems did finding a solution for make you feel great? If you ask yourself these questions and are still not sure- try something and move on if it doesn’t stir a fire inside you. Figuring out what you want might be a trial and error process for you. But you won’t get any closer if you don’t take action and try something.

Surround Yourself with Other Champions

The saying “Misery Loves Company” refers to the psychology behind our desire to be with people who suffer the same challenges that we do. Knowing we have a sympathetic ear and that we are not alone in our difficulties can be a relief. But the best way to get past challenges (rather than survive through them) is to surround yourself with other people who are champions. Any true champion has faced his or her share of difficulties and found a way to get past or learn from those challenges. They understand the value of getting back up after being knocked down. When I left the Rich Dad company, it was extremely difficult to walk away from a company I co-founded and built. We had supported other people who wanted to know how to be a champion in their own lives. But when I stood in my power and closed that door, other doors of opportunity opened for me. I surrounded myself with friends with a champion’s attitude to support me through the process. In order to be your own champion, be sure to have the right people around you.

Be Your Own Champion by Respecting Your Needs

The best fighters in the world train intensely to prepare themselves for each match. They become “fight ready”. Life is sometimes a fight. If you aren’t fight ready, you haven’t set yourself up for success in achieving your goals. This is especially true when challenges arise. Do you pay attention to your own mental, emotional and physical needs? You must fuel each part of you with the proper nutrition to be fight ready. Use tools like affirmations to keep your mind positive. Eliminate toxic interactions to ensure your mind and heart are not cluttered with negativity. Treat your body with respect by staying healthy in your consumption and active in your movement. Paying attention to your own needs is essential if you want to be your own champion

The Take Away

It is easy to admire winning leaders and team for knowing how to be a champion. But they weren’t born that way. Champions are cultivated through both losses and victories and by learning to be your own champion. The first step is knowing what you want and going for it. Surround yourself with like-minded people, interested in being champions as well that can push you along your journey. Whether improving your finances or growing your business or supporting others, remember that in order to be at your fullest champion potential, you must take care of yourself.

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