Living a Holistic and Balanced Life with Julieanne O’Connor

Julieanne O’Connor is an expert when it comes to helping people bridge the gap between their professional and personal lives. She has extensively studied relationships and has helped many high level professional people uncover the gifts buried behind their problems. In addition to speaking publicly, JulieAnne additionally is a life coach, and is a renowned actor and author of several books including Spelling It Out for Your Man where she talks about relationship secrets to have the most productive marriage.⁣
In this episode, I will speak to Julieanne about what she believes are the keys to living the most balanced life. We will talk about the newfound importance that family has in a pandemic world, as well as the best ways to blend the worlds between your personal and professional life. Rather than seeing your work and interpersonal relationships as separate entities, you can merge the two worlds together through techniques such as sharing entrepreneurship techniques with your children and including your family in the creation of your business. ⁣
We will additionally talk a bit about the secrets to a happy marriage and how to handle difficult topics like finances in a way that will better your relationship rather than end it.⁣

What You Will Learn⁣
▪ Writing exercises to uncover your current state⁣
▪ How the pandemic has changed our values⁣
▪ Techniques to teach your children entrepreneurship⁣
▪ Importance of creating something of value⁣
▪ Tips to a happy marriage ⁣

Julieanne’s Website: spellingitout.com


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