Following the Flow in Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is a self-made millionaire and the founder of The Real Entrepreneur, a company that guides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs on self-improvement journeys, and teaches them to move beyond the cycle of struggle and make a more positive impact on a much bigger scale. He runs dozens of events throughout the year, now online, that advises entrepreneurs on how to reach higher results and make measurable achievements in the financial and operational spheres of their businesses.


We will speak to Brian about his rise to success and his perspective on how people with a strong innate entrepreneur spirit can create successful and lasting businesses. We will speak specifically about what he has learned about instances such as broaching new ideas at your company, delegating tasks between team members, and the amount of work that founders should take on. We will additionally speak about how you can create a business that is able to ebb and adapt to changes in the world, like a global pandemic, so your ten years of hard work almost appear to be an overnight success!


What You Will Learn

  • Difference between hardworking and overworking
  • The technique of waiting seven days after inspirational ideas
  • How to combat the pandemic in your business
  • Brian’s specific keys to success

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