Leading Prosperous Relationships with Ken Ashby and Maris Segal

Ken Ashby and Maris Segal, America’s Master Connectors, coach and consult with executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and rising leaders to bring their professional, personal, and philanthropic vision to life and build peak performing teams. Spanning four decades and forty countries, they combine their relationship marketing expertise with head and heart leadership to build meaningful connections and impactful strategies that drive their client’s internal and external success. Their new best-selling book, The RFactor; 4 Universal Rhythms for Leading Prosperous Relationships sits at the core of their Relational Leadership business. As certified Executive and Relationship coaches, this dynamic duo also leverages Ken’s international award-winning singer-songwriting gifts to develop collaborative teams with a songwriting workshop series. From board rooms and classrooms to Harvard, the Olympics, the White House, and Super Bowl Halftimes, Ken and Maris are also known for uniting diverse populations with innovative cross-cultural marketing and personal development programs. Just in the past 2 years, as authors, they have been featured in thirteen Amazon best-selling leadership-centered books and were recently featured on a TEDx stage in NY. Their new book the RFactor is available on Amazon. Ken and Maris live by the philosophy that “We are all connected as humans first and that’s where the bottom line begins.”

To purchase a book or work with Ken and Maris visit www.SegalLeadershipGlobal.com.

For a free Gratitude Practice Guide also visit their website.

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