Subtle Skills for Powerful Communication with Brian Galke

Brian is an Introverted/Extroverted professional who discovered the secret to success: Good Communication Skills. In order to overcome his social anxiety, Brian intentionally pursued positions where people naturally came to him for help (Retail, Service Industry, Helpdesk, etc). With every job, he sought to improve his social skills through learning tips and tricks to interact with others effectively. Today Brian teaches how to Decode Facial Features. By learning how to interpret the subtle signals that people’s faces give off, Brian was able to better understand and communicate with others, which in turn helped him succeed professionally and personally.

As Brian’s communication abilities grew, so did his career. Each new social skill he acquired brought him another promotion, leading him to leave the Helpdesk to become a Corporate Trainer, move into Sales, and even be flown around the US to present to high-profile clients worth over $1 million. Eventually, he was promoted to the esteemed position of Regional Vice President of Sales with a $40 Million Dollar book of business. To learn more abut facial decoding, visit www.subtleskills.com and go to www.getthecheatsheet.com for Brian’s decoding guide.

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