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Getting Past Failure to Create Success: Tips for Practicing Self-Compassion 

Many people don’t realize how self-compassion and success are linked. The greater self-compassion you have, the greater the success you can achieve because self-compassion allows you to move past failures faster. This is why getting tips for practicing self-compassion will help you build the life you really want, and feel great about yourself as you do. 

What is the meaning of self-compassion?

Compassion is recognizing suffering in other people and then taking action to help them. It is an expression of love for people in a difficult place. Self-compassion then, is recognizing our own suffering and loving ourselves enough to take the steps to help ourselves. 

Why is self-compassion so important?

Success requires self-compassion in order to keep going through difficult times. Any time we want to achieve more in our lives, we must step outside of our comfort zones into situations with outcomes we can’t predict. That means we will make mistakes. Without self-compassion, we run the risk of getting stuck in those failures for much longer than necessary. 

When a failure happens, we must be able to recognize when we are being hard on ourselves and let go of the self-criticism to move forward. By giving ourselves the grace of kindness, understanding and forgiveness, we put ourselves in a better place to move past our mistakes and perceived inadequacies, building the inner strength to try again. 

As Confucius said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

The more self-compassion you have for yourself, the easier it will be to get back up again and develop a strategy for success from where you are right now. 

How do you show yourself self-compassion?

Some people have to work at practicing self-compassion and others come by it naturally. The place to start working on your self-compassion is understanding your personal ability to show this kind of love and caring for yourself. 

This in itself can be an exercise in self-compassion.

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When your inner critic activates, notice what it is saying, and ask yourself what fear is lying underneath the words. Most often we have a fear of failure, criticism, judgement, etc. Awareness of the real reason that is driving your inner critic is the first step to letting it go. 

Forgive yourself for past mistakes that might have led to the fear you feel. When we look back on those times, we look back with greater knowledge. Self-compassion begins with the understanding that you didn’t have as much information as you have now, and you made the best decisions you could with the information you had at that time.

This kind of mindfulness can lead to different perspectives on past and current events. It is those perspectives that can help you build your plan now, to get the success you want.  

From there practice your positive self-talk. Daily. If you can’t quite believe in an affirmation yet, adjust it, so your focus is on moving toward what you want. For example, if saying, “I am abundant,” doesn’t feel true to you, try, “I am moving toward greater abundance,” instead. 

As you become more self-compassionate, you give yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them, which will set you up for far greater success as you build the future you want. 

In the book, a book thought to be so controversial by his family that they kept it hidden for years, Napoleon Hill helps us overcome the fears that stop us from creating the rich and wonderful lives we want and deserve. 

In fact, I was thrilled this week to read an article in MovieGuide that talked about Outwitting the Devil. Here is the excerpt:

REACHER star Alan Ritchson shared some marriage tips in light of his 17th wedding anniversary.

“It’s a big week coming up for me…this is the week of my 17th wedding anniversary,” the actor said. “It’s amazing that Cat has decided to put up with me as long as she has. I’m as floored as you are.”

“When a marriage works well, you see life and abundance springing up out of that everywhere,” he said. “There’s a book called ‘Outwitting the Devil’ that I think talks about this really well. It’s told from the perspective of the author interviewing the devil, and it’s quite fascinating.”

The devil in the book talks about how two or more like-minded people can come together to be a “mastermind.” The like-minded people gain access to a “divine root” of strength and unity.

I personally think Outwitting the Devil should be on every person’s must-read-list. It is a fascinating, provocative, and empowering book that will help you discover the fears that are holding you back from creating the life you really want. Once you understand what they are, you can use self-compassion as the foundation of strength, from which you can start building your personal success strategy. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW.

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