The Liberating Art of Cutting Toxic People Out of Your Life | Freeing Yourself from Energy-Drainers

Toxic relationships have a huge effect on our mental health, energy and, ultimately, our ability to create the level of success we want in our lives. Freeing yourself from toxic people will give you far more time and energy to focus on the friends, family members, colleagues and things that matter to you. This is why practicing the liberating art of cutting toxic people out of your life is a big step toward success, personal empowerment and fulfillment. 

How can you tell when someone is toxic?

Every one of us has had a bad day or has behaved in a way that might have been less than supportive, but that doesn’t make us a toxic person. Toxic behaviors are easy to spot when you know what they are, and truly toxic people are consistent with these negative behaviors. 

Here are five toxic behaviors to watch out for in your relationships:

  1. Toxic people don’t respect boundaries. When you share with another a behavior that you don’t like and they continue with that behavior, it is a sign of disrespect and lack of support for your emotional health. That is toxic. 
  2. They insist on being right. Even when presented with logical reasons why they may be wrong, they will refuse to see the opportunity for a shift in perspective. They instead, voraciously hold to their ideas and ideals, insisting theirs are the only ones good enough to be considered. That kind of inflexibility stifles growth and stops the progression toward something better. 
  3. Toxic people are controlling. They don’t allow freedom of expression in others, and they can only see that their way is the right way which, in their opinion, is why everyone should follow it. This gives them control over others and situations.
  4. They are manipulative. Toxic people will use lies and guilt trips to make people adhere to their wants and wishes.
  5. Toxic people frequently criticize. Criticism is the weapon they often use to get people to conform to their way of doing things.

Each one of these things can chip away at your energy level, confidence and motivation. If you want to build your success and do the greater work you are meant to do in the world, cutting down the amount of time you spend with toxic people, or cutting them out of your life completely, is a big step that will help you move toward your fulfilling and successful future. 

How do you cut out truly toxic people?

Cutting out truly toxic people begins with a deeper understanding of yourself, which will help you make better decisions about how and with whom you will spend your time and energy. Both are highly valuable resources that are better served by being with people who lift you up, not drag you down. 

To cut out truly toxic people:

  1. Start by defining your values, then write down their definitions from your perspective, and clarify for yourself how these values support your bigger vision for success and fulfillment. This will help you set and articulate your boundaries to other people in your life, especially the toxic ones.
  2. Know that you will have to set hard boundaries for these toxic people. Remember, they like to control and manipulate to get their way, and that means you must be exceedingly clear and steadfast with your personal and professional boundaries.
  3. Anticipate the lies and manipulation, or the “crisis” that might happen to reel you back in under their control. Develop your strategy for empowering yourself and your ability to say no. That might mean keeping greater distance from them, refusing calls and/or blocking messages. Your mental health is paramount and no one has the right to negatively impact it with their toxicity. You should do everything possible to protect it. 
  4. Then your final step is to spend more time with the positive people who lift you up, cheer you on and support you as you create the success you want.

Developing a healthy social circle is a core part of the formula for success and fulfillment. Your circle of positive, growth-minded people will bring you greater support and opportunities. That will help you advance yourself and your career, as you lift and support others in truly cooperative relationships, free from the toxic energy-drainers determined to hold you back.

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