marketing tipsEntrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking for effective marketing tips to propel their business to the next level. Without a doubt, you will find a variety of different marketing tips online, including everything from direct mail advertisements to social media techniques. But one idea that isn’t discussed nearly enough is the role of emotional intelligence in marketing.

This is probably because many of us are not fully aware of how impactful emotions are. Psychologists are just now beginning to understand the critical role emotions play in the formation of memories. For example, the stronger the emotional stimulus, the better we can encode new memories and recall them later. Many people discover that their earliest memories are linked to an emotional reaction.

Emotional responses also play a profound role when it comes to marketing. If we feel positively about a marketing message—and the circumstances in which the message is presented—we respond favorably. As a result, marketers who use emotional intelligence are better positioned to connect with their audience.

Here are two key marketing tips—rooted in the principles of emotional intelligence—that will make your marketing more impactful.

The Power of Narratives

The human response to a hard sell is almost universal: annoyance and irritation. Although relentless sales pressure can sometimes convert prospects, it often backfires. Yes, you may have just acquired a new customer, but for how long? People who feel pressured are likely to frame the experience negatively, even if they are happy with the product or service they have acquired. Ultimately, they will not be a customer long-term because pressure sales tactics are ineffective.

On the other hand, virtually everyone, loves stories. Stories bridge an important emotional gap between you and your target audience. Listen to your prospective audience. Understand what motivates them. Then present a positive story that aligns with their aspirations. Explain how your product or service fits into their personal narrative and how it can help them achieve their goals. Tell clients the story of your brand, your animating principles and your why is valuable. This connection will cement your relationship with them.

Emotional Marketing Messages

Effective marketing elicits powerful emotions. Think about the awe that Apple’s famous “1984” commercial inspired. Or the happiness and inspiration generated by Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” ad.

These commercials are still discussed—and still powerful—decades later. Both are masterful in creating an emotional response in the audience and building enduring positive feelings about their brands. Ultimately, these companies tap into a powerful emotional desire people have to connect to something bigger than themselves.

Marketers who create positive emotional responses will build deeper, lasting bonds with their audience. Incorporate these marketing tips and your messages will resonate more powerfully with your audience. This will ensure a long-term commitment from them, helping you reap powerful dividends.

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