Owning Your Personal Power with Melissa Burrow

Change is always scary, but when we feel an authentic call from within to shift an element of our lives, we have to follow it. Melissa Burrow started her career as a sales consultant in the automotive industry, and worked her way up the ranks. After she transitioned into an administrative VP position, she began to find inspiration in the idea of personal accountability. Old patterns that she was accustomed to began to break down, and new room was created for a different way of relating to herself, her career, and her life. Today Melissa is sharing how embracing accountability enabled her to own her power and create a radical new shift.

“Once I was able to embrace the concept of personal accountability, and really start using those tools in my everyday life, my life and my confidence started to shift.”

What You Will Discover

  • How you can bring more accountability into your life
  • Making change a real possibility
  • Ways to develop yourself and seek new opportunities


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