From Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur with Shelley Merrell

Shelley Merrell is the President of Integrated Fire Safety, a California organization that prides itself on its ability to provide diverse and technically-competent services in the world of fire protection. She was also one of my amazing clients! In addition to providing a 24 hour emergency service, IFS also manages a vast range of fire protection technology, in addition to special hazard systems. Shelley operates her company as a woman-owned business that prides itself on providing an excellent experience both for its customers and its employees.


Shelley rose from a participant in her community to a mentor that people reach out to for support. She will speak about her commitment to assisting others and bettering the future of her industry so that others can also succeed. We will discuss the importance of constantly evolving your business and never settling, as well as the importance of growth in always expanding a company’s positive influence, power and reach. Shelley will show you how through a combo of personal drive and willingness to make connections and put yourself out there, your company and brand can reach new bounds. 


Shelley’s Email:

Instagram: @shelley_merrell

Facebook: shelleymerrell


What You Will Learn

  • How to succeed even during a time like COVID
  • Importance of taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities
  • Value of the power of association
  • Description of effective, valued leadership
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