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Group sucess

A new report issued by the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) shows growing numbers of women board nominees for S&P 500 companies.  The increased percentage of women nominees, up from 15% in 2008 to 30% in 2014, is a positive indication that companies are seeing the value of gender diverse boards.  As we continue to celebrate the incredible performance of boards with both men and women, more companies will follow suit and we will see higher conversions of nomination to board seats for women.

What can we do to keep the celebration going?

First, remember that our economy will flourish with full participation of our talent.  That means men and women working together!  Warren Buffet said it best: “we’ve seen what can be accomplished when we use 50% of our human capacity. If you visualize what 100% can do, you’ll join me as an unbridled optimist about America’s future.”

If you are a women- throw your hat in the ring!  Share the contribution that you bring to the table the way that only you can. Thank you to all the women who have paved the way and those that continue to take the road less traveled so that others may benefit- men and women!

The Secret to Freedom and Success


Many books have been written about the keys to success. There are many seminars that teach these same principles. So why do people still not find the success they desire? Could it be there are other forces at work that prevent you from finding the success you so richly deserve?

Do you want to outwit the devil in your life?

The following questions were designed to trigger conversation and reflection that may help identify the obstacles that may be holding you back.

  1. In 1937, Napoleon Hill released his all-time bestselling book Think and Grow Rich which outlined the thirteen principles of success. It was the result of over 20 years of research where Hill interviewed the leaders of his time to synthesize a common philosophy of success.
    1. What is your definition of success?
    2. Has there been a time in your life when nothing could stop you or get in your way? How did that feel? What were the circumstances surrounding that time?
  2. Written by Hill in 1938, hidden from the public until this year and only known to exist by a handful of individuals, Outwitting the Devil identifies and confronts life’s greatest obstacles – fear, procrastination, anger and jealousy – which stand in the way of success. The following questions create a discussion around these obstacles.
    1. Define some of the ‘road blocks’ or ‘temporary defeats’ you have experienced on your road to success? How did you overcome those obstacles?
    2. Has there been a time that you have been your own worst enemy? Have you gotten in your own way?
    3. Fear is often used to motivate people – what impact does fear have on you? Is it motivating or paralyzing?
    4. Have you ever reacted to a situation and surprised yourself by your reaction (not knowing where it came from)?
    5. Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something that you knew was good for you? How did you justify it?
    6. Have you ever felt your creativity squashed or stifled? What got in your way?
    7. In contrast, have you ever had a “gut instinct” that saved the day or kept you from making a mistake?
  3. Along with identifying life’s greatest obstacles in Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill also reveals the seven principles that can help you conquer those obstacles and attain spiritual, physical and mental freedom.
    1. The first of those principles Hill defines is “Definiteness of Purpose”. Do you know your purpose? Do you share your purpose with others?
    2. Another principle that Hill defines is learning from adversity. Can you identifya time you went through a life change? Maybe it was a ‘wake-up call’ a ‘tap on the shoulder’ or a ‘slap in the face’.
    3. If you could identify something that prevents you from creating the success you deserve, would you deal with it and conquer it?

In 1938, Napoleon Hill wrote Outwitting the Devil as a sequel to Think and Grow Rich. Despite his success as a published author, Outwitting the Devil was never released due to fears by his family that it was too controversial. While confrontational in nature, Outwitting the Devil challenges elements within politics, religion, public education as well as other societal issues that prevent people from reaching their greatest potential and provides solutions that are as relevant today as they were in 1938.


Are you ready to face release yourself from fear and uncertainty?


To your success!

Sharon Lechter



“Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds.”

                                    – Napoleon Hill

Your Independence Day

Since dedicating my career to financial literacy and empowering others, many things have changed in our economy…both in the United States and Globally.  My passion for igniting positive change is as strong today as it has ever been.  As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, I invite you to consider where you can make improvements with the following steps to financial independence.

  1. Declaration of Independence Day.  This first step is often the hardest.  Whether because of the effort it takes to organize and document all the pieces of our financial lives or because when we look in the financial mirror…we know we will be unhappy with what we see, taking an honest look may be difficult, but it is necessary.  This baseline for where you are today is your push off point and the knowledge you gain by taking this hard look will give you information necessary to identify what needs to change or where you want to improve.
  2. Reflect vs. Ruminate.  It is a fact that we all make mistakes.  The great news is that every mistake gives us a new piece of helpful information.  We can eliminate whatever strategy, thought process or behavior from our lives that got us the undesirable result because we have just learned it does not work!  It is important to reflect upon our mistakes in order to get the lesson…but equally important not to get stuck ruminating over it.  Energy spent lamenting over what is already done is better employed applying the lesson and taking the next step towards your goal.
  3. Commit and Focus.  Goals are important.  Being committed and having focus on your goals is more important than the goal itself.   Share your goals with others so that they are real to not just you…but those who care about you and will help you be accountable.  As you change your life, they will celebrate with you and may even be inspired to make positive change as well!  Put your goals up where you can see them with visual cues that will keep you motivated even during challenging times.
  4. Ditch Detractors. For some, change is scary.  As your life improves, those closest to you may feel they are losing you or will not be able to relate to your commitment to achieving and maintaining financial independence.  Protect yourself from detractors who may poison your process with negativity or who are unsupportive of the healthier choices you are making.  If they really care about you, they will come back around.
  5. Give Yourself Credit.  As you travel down your path to financial independence, look back at how far you have come and pat yourself on the back.  Do this even with the little wins.  It is not about the numbers…but more about the psychology, the emotion and the behaviors that influence our financial situation.  If you’ve broken a bad habit or created a new one that improves your situation, celebrate!  Even if the financial outcome seems small.

This Independence Day, commit to one action step you can take to put yourself closer to financial independence.  Check out tools available at to get you started or get you to that next step along the way.

May the second half of 2014 be filled with success in all areas of your life!

To Your Success,

Sharon Lechter

Release day for Think and Grow Rich for Women is here

Today is the Day!

Release day for Think and Grow Rich for Women is here and I could not be happier!  I am so honored that The Napoleon Hill Foundation put faith in me to create Think and Grow Rich for Women.  Below is an excerpt on PERSISTENCE from the book.  I hope that you enjoy!

Please order a copy for yourself and for the special women in your life at  I am offering special thank you gifts for your order but for a limited time!

The following excerpt from Think and Grow Rich for Women shares wisdom on PERSISTENCE- one of Napoleon Hill’s original success princples!

There you are, so close to your goal or feeling the fire within to start something new- and a wall rises in front of you.  How will you scale and overcome the wall?

You get unexpected news.  Life changes immediately and you cannot begin to imagine how it will turn out.  How do you make in through the uncertainty?

You have been working so long.  You feed your passion with action and have faith that your determination to continue will one day be rewarded.  How do you trek on down what seems like an endless road?

If you have ever found the light at the end of the tunnel, have ever faced down fear and been the victor, or have ever answered doubt and criticism with achievement, you already have the answer inside you.  PERSISTENCE is the key to successfully batting obstacles back that life catapults in your way.  This is the weapon that causes enemies such as fear, doubt, and negativity to crumble.

Hill observed in his study and synthesis of the philosophy of achievement: “Will power and desire, when properly combined, make it an irresistible pair.”

For steps to train yourself to employ PERSISTENCE, order Think and Grow Rich for Women today at

Your Burning Desire

I am excited to once again team up with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on a new book titled Think and Grow Rich for Women.  While the steps to success are the same for men and women, women approach these steps very differently.  The book addresses each of Napoleon Hill’s 13 success principles from a female perspective and the follow excerpt shares wisdom on BURNING DESIRE:

You may be asking yourself, “Do I have a burning desire?” Different than a simple want for something, a burning desire may feel like a need to do something or accomplish something.  It starts out as an idea or realization and grows to become a driving force behind your everyday actions.  It is guided by your personal values and infiltrates your decision-making processes.  In your dreams, expectations or yourself and your life, as well as your passions, you will most likely find your BURNING DESIRE!

You may instantly be reminded of a goal you have had for a while.  It could be a personal, business, financial, physical, or spiritual goal.  If you have not yet to achieve the goal, ask yourself why.  Is it possible that this goal has NOT been backed with the burning desire you need to reach it successfully?

Now, turn the tables.  Think of a time when someone has described you with the following terms:  Passionate. Driven. Purposeful. Focused. Committed. Determined. Motivated. Single-minded. Compelled Doggedly in pursuit.  Devoted. Consumed with obsession. Pledged. Steadfast. Unswerving. Staunch. Dedicated. Headstrong.

More than likely, you were in pursuit of something for which you had a true burning desire.

When you combine a definite goal with a burning desire to achieve that goal, it will provide you with the necessary fuel (motivation, drive, stamina) to create and execute a plan that will allow you to realize that goal successfully.

To learn the 6 steps to turn BURNING DESIRE into wealth, visit and pre-order Think and Grow Rich for Women.  With your pre-order, you receive FREE bonuses- tools you can begin to use today to create the life you deserve!

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June 24th – Health Wealth and Wit and the Arizona Book Launch for Think and Grow Rich for Women: From health and wellness and family issues to money matters, job advancement and business ownership, I am joined by Michelle Robson, Rita Davenport and Deborah Bateman to address issues people face today with real life advice on how to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities so you can create your best life!

June 26th  CEO Space in Las Vegas.  Come together with business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to create an networking environment unlike any other. By developing meaningful, mentor-driven relationships, professionals are able to get the help they need in a cooperative environment to grow their businesses.


Harness your Power, Purpose and Passion

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  • Trade in the work-life balance guilt trip for the pursuit of ONE BIG LIFE!

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To your success!

Official book launch of Think and Grow Rich for Women on June 24th!

National Bank of Arizona celebrates the launch of Think and Grow Rich for Women on June 24th!  Join me and an amazing line up of women.  Register here.

Changing the Dialogue for Women

It’s time to stop complaining and start celebrating each other!

Women are the future of the global economy. The evidence is everywhere—from Warren Buffett’s 2013 declaration that women are the key to America’s financial success, to the nearly $30 trillion in intergenerational global wealth that women stand to inherit. Women are leading a quiet revolution for their families, futures, and personal fulfillment.

While women are blazing trails and claiming their own personal version of success, much of the hype is still focused around the negative.  Is there still work to be done- of course!  Progress comes from momentum and women are better served leveraging the momentum that has been created rather than getting stuck on what is yet to be done.  Here are a few facts worth celebrating:

  1. Although many still reference the statistic that women are on paid $0.77 for every dollar that a man earns, women between the ages of 20 and 34 are earning 92-93% of their male counterparts.
  2. In education, 140 women graduate for every 100 men.
  3. While there are currently on 23 women CEO leading Fortune 500 companies, in the year 2000 there were only 2.  And, women hold more than 50% of management and professional positions.
  4. Women only account for 16.6% of board seats, but board with women on them outperform male only boards on invested capital by 66%.
  5. Not only are 2 out of every 3 business started by women, but they account for 46% of all U.S. Firms, generate $2.7 trillion in revenues and employ nearly 16 million people.

There are positive things happening for women- we are witnessing a movement.  There is no doubt that we cannot stop pushing for progress…but it is time to reflect on what is working and build from there.

In June, I release my own personal celebration of women in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  Think and Grow Rich for Women is a true celebration of women. I want to change the dialogue for women globally and to replace the “work-life balance” guilt trip that so many women struggle over with the desire to live “one big life” filled with love, family, success, and significance.  For more information and to receive free gifts, visit

To Your Success!

Sharon Lechter

ASU hosts Innovative Financial Literacy Program and Matches Scholarship Dollars to Winners

Pay Your Family First


April 9, 2014

For immediate release





Contact:  Angela Totman; 480-607-1940

It’s Game Time!  ASU hosts Innovative Financial Literacy Program and Matches Scholarship Dollars to Winners


Paradise Valley/Phoenix, AZ – Pay Your Family First (PYFF), in cooperation with the Foundation for Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development will hold the third annual ThriveTime Challenge’s state championship at Arizona State University West Campus in Phoenix on April 17th from 5-9 p.m.

The event will be held at ASU’s Sun Devil Fitness Complex with appearances by local celebrities and guests.  The event is being emceed by Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen, MaddieRose Holler and includes a red carpet, prize drawings and scholarships to be awarded to winners.

During the championship, participants will compete in a three round, single elimination tournament of the award winning ThriveTime for Teens board game, created by international financial literacy expert Sharon Lechter, teaching vital time and money management skills.   The first player to “Thrive,” or win, at each table will advance to the second and third rounds. Scholarship recipients will be the winners of the final championship round.

PYFF’s CEO and acclaimed author, Sharon Lechter, is on a mission to promote financial education.

All students are provided great resources to take home and each of the three winners will earn a $1,000 donation for the school or youth organization they represent.   Participating high schools and organizations are also eligible to receive financial literacy curriculum at no cost.

“Everyone attending is a winner,” says Lechter. “We are thrilled to be partnering with ASU in our third year of this program, continuing to impact Arizona students and support high schools across the state in meeting financial education requirements.  A community collaboration, the ThriveTime Challenge brings corporate, personal and private sector champions together to address the pressing need for financial literacy education for Arizona’s teens. ”

The 1st place winner will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship from the ThriveTime Challenge program with second and third place each receiving $2,500.  As the tournament sponsor, ASU is generously matching all three scholarships.

“We are excited to be hosting the ThriveTime Challenge at our ASU West campus for the second year,” said Beatriz Rendon, Associate Vice President, Education Outreach and Student Services, Arizona State University. “Teaching students about financial literacy through this competition is a great way for students to learn money management skills and important college savings’ strategies.”

For the third year in a row Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey is expected to attend the State Tournament in April 2014.  “Arizona is very fortunate to have ThriveTime be so active in our local schools and communities,” added Ducey.  “Educating today’s youth and their families on real world financial issues is the best first step to a prosperous future.”

“The ThriveTime Challenge is such an awesome way for students to get together and learn real world financial skills in a fun, interactive and meaningful way,” said Nick Rodriguez, Founder of the Foundation for Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development organization. “It’s an honor and privilege for our Foundation to partner with the Thrive Time Challenge Initiative and we’ll continue to do our part to make sure the initiative continues to grow”.

Arizona high schools interested in hosting a ThriveTime Scholarship Challenge, or organizations interested in empowering the next generation of superstars by sponsoring the events, should contact Angela Totman at Pay Your Family First:

For information regarding the ThriveTime Scholarship Challenge, please call 480-607-1940 or visit:

Want more from your business?

I am so excited to be participating in  Accelerate University, an online Expert Summit designed to give you the skills and education you need to reach your business goals.  Wishing, hoping and planning is not enough!  You need business skills and must take action!  I invite you to act now and be a part of this powerful event.

I will be joined by trainers from a variety of fields dedicated to propelling you to success in your business.  Your trainings are led by Amy Walker, Gia Heller, Kirk Duncan, Kristen Thompson, Phil Pallen, Nadine Nichols and me!

Register now to take advantage of this FREE online program.  Trainings are focused on these key areas for achieving success:

  • Building your sales system
  • Crafting your personal brand
  • Body Language- connect with your clients
  • Building a successful speaking business
  • Creating a roadmap to success
  • Balancing Business and Family
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Health: A Success Principle

Whether you are brand new in business, experienced and wanting to brush up on your skills, or just somewhere in between, this event is for YOU!!

The best Part is, it’s FREE.  Did you catch that?  From April 14-23 you will receive a training a day from these powerful business owners (excluding the weekend.)  The videos will be emailed to you and you can watch at your own convenience.  Join me and learn the skills to truly reach your business goals.

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To your Success!

Sharon Lechter