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It’s Not Too Late to Discover Your Value | Making a Difference Regardless of Your Age

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In my opinion, old is a state of mind. Afterall, there are many people who have done great things and followed new passions well into their 90s! I’ve personally started new businesses in my late 60s and I continue to look for great opportunities today. In fact, I had to shake up my own mindset recently as I was dreading turning 70 in January. A friend suggested that I not look at my birthday as turning 70 but as the launch of Sharon 7.0! It made a huge difference in my mindset.

Success and personal growth are really about your perspective, determination and the focus of your mindset. We CAN do what we put our minds to. This is why I believe it’s never too late to discover your value, stand in your power and make a difference, regardless of your age.  

How do I know my value in life?

The beautiful thing about getting older is the acquired wisdom you can use to empower yourself and others around you. The reality is, you’ve gone through a lot in your life, you’ve faced many challenges and you’ve come out of each one with unique perspectives and insights that you can share. That is valuable!

Discovering your value starts by recognizing the difference you make. There are many things you do or can do each day to be of service for your friends and family, your community, country or the world. It can be a simple as creating a safe space for others to share ideas over a coffee, as big as building your strategy to make massive changes globally as part of your legacy, and everything in between. 

We all have gifts, talents, and skills that we can use to add value. To fully define your value:

  • Become clear about the things you love to do and why they matter to you.
  • Detail the areas where you excel.
  • Review the life lessons that have added to your wisdom.
  • Find out where you can use your skills and learnings to help other people. 

It is the cross-section of your passions and skills, combined with the ways you use them to be of service to others that defines your value.  


What is adding value to your life?

Adding value to your life is something that is purely subjective. Only you know what feels fulfilling for you, and that will very likely be quite different than it is for other people in your life. This is why each of us must take the time to explore the things that we personally value, which will intersect with the areas where we can create value for others.

  • What gives you a sense of satisfaction?
  • Where to you excel?
  • What are your greatest skills and talents?
  • What do you love learning about or want to learn more about?

The more you can understand the things that drive your passion and give you a feeling of purpose, the easier it will be to focus on those areas, helping you to keep expanding the value you can deliver.  

No matter what you have been through, or what has stopped you in your tracks (death, divorce, financial setback, illness), you are still here for a reason.  Turn how you survived your mess into your message.  Turn your message into your mission.  And you will see that your mission will become someone else’s miracle.

How do you deal with people who don’t see your value?

You won’t have to look very hard to find evidence that aging is considered by some to be a negative. We may even find people who dismiss our perspective and disregard our advice and guidance because of our age. More importantly however, there will be those who know and honor the value experience brings and will purposely seek you out for guidance because of your skill and the accumulated wisdom you can deliver. Your experience and perspective can help others and we all have the opportunity to step into our power as mentors for others who are younger or less experienced than we are. 

We all have the right to set clear boundaries at any age. For the toxic people who disregard the boundaries we set and communicate, we can limit, or eliminate, the time we spend with them. That will make more time for the supportive people who value who we are and what we have to share. 

To fully empower yourself and increase your value to others, YOU have to value your abilities. The more you value your skills and talents, the more confidence, self-worth and self-esteem you will convey to others, which will help them to see how much you have to offer, increasing your value even more. That will help you make your difference in the world, regardless of your age. 

I love empowering older adults as much as I do younger people. We all have much we can add to this world and to the lives of others. If you would like to explore more ways to accelerate your results, I invite you to apply for my Master Mentor Program. Together we can add even more value to the world!


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