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Girl Power – Young women learn what it takes to start a business.

By Janean Chun, Entrepreneur Magazine – September 2007 URL: This is part one of an occasional series on entrepreneurial women giving back to their communities. In June, the Women Presidents’ Organization put on a nationwide event that brought together women entrepreneurs and elementary-age girls in 11 cities from Phoenix to Toronto, all to play the game Cashflow for Kids. WPO members served as facilitators, and mentors, helping the girls learn lessons in financial literacy. Sharon Lechter–co-creator of the Cashflow game, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and longtime WPO member–was delighted to see her vision in action at the event at the Sam’s Club in Secaucus, New Jersey. Encouraging the women entrepreneurs of tomorrow and teaching girls is her passion, says Lechter. “In school, kids are trained that there’s one right answer, which closes minds and stifles entrepreneurship.”Read the entire article at…

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