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Arizona woman named to President’s Council on Financial Literacy

Arizona woman named to President's Council on Financial LiteracySharon Lechter joins in first ever council to educate the nation during unpredictable economy PHOENIX (January 22, 2008) – Paradise Valley, Arizona, resident Sharon L. Lechter was appointed to the President’s Council on Financial Literacy in a ceremony held in the Roosevelt room at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008. Lechter and the council, comprised of 19 members from the business, faith and non-profit communities will help shape the course for a financially literate nation. The council is charged to gather information about financial literacy and its condition in the U.S., recommend improvements to national policies to the President and the Treasury secretary and “assist the American people in understanding and addressing financial matters.” “I am thrilled to be a part of such a prestigious council,” said Lechter after her appointment Tuesday afternoon. “Together, this council can make an impact on the financial education of our country during these troubling economic times.” President Bush announced the advisory council Tuesday morning. A ceremony inducting the 19 members of the council was held later in the day from the Roosevelt room at the White House where the President made remarks. “We want people to own assets; we want people to be able to manage their assets,” said President Bush in his remarks. “We want people to understand basic financial concepts, and how credit cards work and how credit scores affect you, how you can benefit from a savings account or a bank account. That’s what we want. And this group of citizens has taken the lead, and I really thank them.” Members of the council include; Charles R. Schwab, of California , and upon appointment, Designate Chair; John Bryant, of California , and upon appointment, Designate Vice Chair; Theodore Beck, of Colorado; Theodore R. Daniels, of Maryland; Cutler Dawson , of Virginia; Robert F. Duvall, of New York; Tahira Hira, of Iowa; Jack E. Kosakowski, of Colorado; Sharon L. Lechter, of Arizona; Robert V. Lee III, of Florida; Laura Levine, of the District of Columbia; David Mancl, of Wisconsin; Don J. McGrath, of California; Janet Parker, of Alabama; Ignacio Salazar, of Michigan; Mary L. Schapiro, of the District of Columbia

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