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Sharon awarded at Maryvale YMCA, Arizona Federal partnership

Sharon awarded at Maryvale YMCA, Arizona Federal partnershipOn April 5, Sharon Lechter spoke to a roomful of business and community leaders as Arizona Federal Credit Union and the YMCA announced their partnership to offer the first financial-institution inside the YMCA in Maryvale, Arizona. “You are in a house of love,” said Lechter. “The marriage between Arizona Federal Credit Union and the Maryvale YMCA is incredible and will provide an opportunity for many families in the community of Maryvale to have affordable financial services and financial education.” As part of the partnership, Arizona Federal will provide financial fitness classes at the Maryvale YMCA, and will eventually roll-out classes at YMCAs across the Valley. Classes will be done in English and Spanish, and will include topics such as; writing a budget, saving for retirement, planning for college, getting out of debt, learning to read a credit report and how to buy a home. Sharon lent weight to the partnership as a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. At the breakfast and ribbon cutting event Sharon was presented with an award by Arizona Federal CEO Robert Westad for her dedication to financial education, especially amongst children. Sharon will maintain an active relationship with the two organizations as they progress in their partnership.

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