Successful Money Management Characteristics

Successful Money Management

Great leaders demonstrate a variety of characteristics to achieve results. Strong communication, enthusiasm, passion and expertise are all important qualities. In addition, most leaders have to deal with finances. Whether you are the CEO of an organization or your household, cash flow projection, budgeting, managing debt and engaging others to commit to a financial plan are required skills.  The following characteristics and values that make good leaders are also required for successful money management. Successful Money Management


When it comes to dealing with money, being honest and performing with class allows you to sleep better at night. In addition, demonstrating integrity also facilitates respect and relationships strong enough to inspire others to commit to a financial plan. Whether fundraising for a non-profit, managing household finances with a partner or reviewing last month’s financials with your team, truthfulness will best set you up for successful money management with the support of those who matter.

Commitment to Successful Money Management

When it comes to financial matters, discipline and commitment to a strategy combine to make a great on-two punch for progress. Just like a road map is good only if you follow it, a plan works only when you stick to it in spite of adversity to challenge. A good leader not only talks about commitment but demonstrates it. Do your financial activities demonstrate commitment to your cause?


Just as life situations change, so do financial situations. Plans should allow for adjustments when and where necessary. Remember, change doesn’t mean failure. On the contrary, having the courage to make alterations along the way demonstrates commitment to the end goal. Successful money management is not about being perfect. It is about being disciplined but also giving yourself enough flexibility to make adjustments when needed and setting yourself up for when life throws things your way you are not expecting.

Vision with Action

Do you have a specific vision for your future and are you taking the steps today to get yourself there? Vision is important but without action, won’t get you too far. If you spend all of your time planning with litter energy on implementing that plan, successful money management will be hard to come by. If the tools or strategies you are using aren’t working, it may be time to look for new resources take a look at the vision you are working toward to ensure it is what you really want.


If you are entering into uncharted or uncomfortable territory, ask for help. Find the experts that can support you in your financial journey. Business leaders understand the importance of partnership and how to leverage the knowledge of others. This is an equally important skill when it comes to managing finances. Find the team of advisers that will empower you for successful money management.

The Take Away

Good leaders have a range of personalities. The characteristics cited above are found in business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, public leaders as well as leaders of households. Chances are, someone who employees these traits in one area of their life is going to utilize them in all areas, including finances. Are you approaching your financial situation as a leader? Are you recognizing an opportunity to step up your game?

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