Locked and Loaded for Success with Isis Djata

Isis Djata has recently skyrocketed to become a huge force to be reckoned with. Isis is an independent filmmaker, and the first black female to write and direct an Italian mob show. She is additionally a hugely popular moderator on Clubhouse, founder of Investing While Black and Black University. She is a master moderator, screenwriter and recently became the host of the Isis Djata show, a weekly collaborative conversation that airs nightly Monday through Friday on Instagram and Clubhouse.


Isis and I discuss the hardship that she has achieved early on and what she overcame to become the hugely successful person that she is today. Isis is a true example of someone who leveraged opportunities that the pandemic created to make a name for herself and expand her reach. Isis tells us about her perspective on the importance of mentality and positive belief when working towards your goals,  and the value of being your true, authentic self. 


What You Will Learn:

  • How to defy hardship, see what you want and go after it
  • Importance of authenticity and believing in yourself
  • Isis’ rise to success on Clubhouse
  • How Isis elevated her personal brand 


Instagram : @isisdjata

Isis’ Website: meetisisdjata.com

Isis’ New Show: Theisisdjatashow.com


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