Culture by Design in Your Business with Stephen Lagomarsino

Stephen Lagomarsino is the president of TRC Electronics, a leading franchised distributor exclusively specializing in power supply products. Originally working for his grandfather’s company, Stephen was able to climb his way up the leadership pipeline and eventually acquire the company and run it on his own. Stephen is an avid supporter of strong leadership and developing supportive corporate environments that allow for both the organization and all of its employees to thrive. He is a strong example of someone who is focused on developing a strong organization, while also keeping his family central.


Stephen and I will talk about the importance of being a strong example of leadership both for your coworkers and employees. The only way to develop strong leadership within your company is to be a strong leader yourself. Strong leadership also helps promote the cultural touchpoints and core values of a company and ensures that they uplift and inspire employees, ensuring that it is both a supportive and positive place to work. We will also discuss the importance of modeling the same strong leadership qualities to model positive behaviors in your children and future generations.


What You Will Learn

  • What it means to create great business culture
  • Meaning of cultural touchpoints
  • Importance of developing strong leadership internally
  • How to model positive leadership for family
  • How to grow your business 


Instagram: @Stevalags

TRC Electronics: https://www.trcelectronics.com/

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