How to Change Your Perspective on Life | Making a Transformation that Matters to YOU

Our perspective comes from our personal experiences. As we learn, grow, and expose ourselves to more in our lives, we get the opportunity to change our perspectives and align them with the way we want to show up in the world. The perspective we have directly affects the way we think, which in turn affects our decisions and behaviors. When you want to change your life, and make a transformation that matters to you, the place to start is with your current view on life and where you want to go. The gaps in between are areas where you just might need to change your perspective on life.

What are some examples of perspective in life?

Truthfully, there are perspectives on everything! From the food you like to the people in your circle of influence, the affirmations you use to rules you live by, and everything else in between comes with a perspective. Your perspective will very likely be different than anyone else. Even identical twins think differently because they have different lived experiences and that means they can have different perspectives on any given topic.

The most important thing to know is that your perspective on anything, affects the results you get in that area. Let’s take finances as an example. The way you personally think about money affects your relationship with it and how much of it you are able to bring into your life. If your personal perspective is that money is easy to make, then you will feel more ease with it than someone who feels it’s very hard to become wealthy.

It’s easy to see why your personal perspective matters so much and why you might want to change it if you want to transform your life to be more in alignment with the person you want to be.

How do you shift perspectives?

At the most basic level, shifting perspectives requires you to learn something new and then apply  that information to the way you want to show up in the world – but you don’t want to do that without a conscious direction, otherwise you could become lost in the ways that other people want you to show up in life. This will cause you to feel lost or stuck because you aren’t living in accordance with your own views. If you are already feeling that way, then a perspective shift is exactly what you need to transform your life into something that matters to YOU!

You have been given great gifts, you have natural talents, and very likely, you have a perspective on the way you would like the world to be. Combined, that will help you create a personal vision, which will give you direction for your transformation and growth. That will dictate the areas where you might personally need to expand your perspective to achieve the results you want in life.

When you start to create your personal vision and the way you want to transform yourself, think about:

  • Your personal values and your definition of those values
  • Injustices that upset you (this will help you start to understand things that are very important to you)
  • Your natural skills and gifts – these are the things that come really easy to you and people compliment you for
  • What you want to accomplish in and with your life

When you look at what you want to do in this world, your inner critic will very likely start to get loud and tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t change. This is a great thing because these are the exact areas where you will need to get a new perspective! Making positive changes in those areas will help transform your life in a way that matters and is meaningful to you.

Why is perspective important in life?

The clearer you are about your personal perspective on any topic, and why you have that perspective, will help you improve your confidence in that area because you are certain. It’s when you are unsure of your perspective that can do one of two things:

  1. It can cause you to live in accordance with other people’s perspectives. This can lead you away from your personal purpose because you are aligning yourself with another person’s point of view rather than your own. Which is why it’s important to give yourself a lot of time to reflect before you make decisions on topics where you do not have full certainty.
  2. It opens you to an opportunity to take your life in a new direction. Any time you are unsure of your perspective on a topic, it means you don’t have enough information to form one. That opens the door to learning and growth! The more you know on any given topic, the easier it is to make a decision that is right for you.

Perspective is so important in life because it directly influences the way you show up in the world. The more comfortable and confident you are with your perspective, the easier it will be to make the transformation that matters to you, allowing you to make the impact you want to make on this world.

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