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You might not know that only 2% of the human population is using the secret for success. The other 98% are stuck in a mental web that keeps them drifting along, simply reacting to life as it comes. Because you are here reading this, I know that you want to be part of that 2% who have the knowhow to break the hypnotic rhythm that might be holding you back from your goals, so you can bring your dreams to reality. The great thing is that anyone can use this secret to their greatest advantage. All you need to do is consciously apply it.

What is Hypnotic Beat?

First, let’s start with the scientific definition of hypnotic beat or hypnotic rhythm. It is described as a universal phenomenon that collectively takes the natural course of the earth, moon, stars, galaxies and various environments and automates their rhythm in relation to each other.

Mirroring that on a personal level, we achieve that kind of relationship between ourselves and the world around us through our experiences, which builds, impacts and changes the framework for our thoughts and beliefs and shapes the way we interact in relation to other people and the environment we live in. Our thoughts and beliefs make up the system we use to make choices in our lives. A belief is simply a thought we think over and over again, until it becomes a way of living.

The great thing to know is that you can think new thoughts, create new beliefs and get different results in your life, when you become conscious of the way you think and how that impacts your decisions and actions, and therefore the outcomes you get.

That consciousness and intentional direction of your thoughts opens the door to a new experience that will lift you into the 2% of people who actively create success.

What is Drifting in Outwitting the Devil?

Napoleon Hill addresses hypnotic rhythm and drifting in his book Outwitting the Devil. The information in it was thought to be so controversial by his family that they kept it hidden for years, and I was honored when the Napoleon Hill Foundation approached me to annotate the book for a modern audience, more than 70 years after Hill wrote it.

The information in it is so important for creating success, and the biggest secret that holds us back is revealed in Hill’s conversation with the Devil.

The Devil reveals that his greatest tool for maintaining negative energy in the world is drifting. It’s that state where we just go with the flow and let life dictate how we feel, what we do and the results we get.

98% of the people in the world drift through life, not actively employing their own internal power to lift themselves higher. It’s the easy path where people stay safely inside very predictable comfort zones, doing the same things each day. To reinforce that drifting state where he can negatively impact the mind, the Devil says he calls on the power of fear.

  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of ill health
  • Fear of loss of love
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of death

To break free from the sticky webs of fear, you must recognize that you are drifting in life and which fear might be holding you in place, and then you must use the power of your mind to stop drifting and create the life you really want.

How Do You Break the Hypnotic Rhythm Holding You Back?

In Outwitting the Devil, Hill delivers 7 Principles to break free of hypnotic rhythm and engage self-determination. They are:

  1. Definiteness of Purpose – Defining your mission and vision in your life and making sure that everything you do aligns, gives you definiteness of purpose.
  2. Mastery Over Self – Self discipline is the key to staying on track. Drifters are all over the place, but the most successful people in the world hold themselves accountable to reach their goals.
  3. Learning from Adversity – As Hill says, “Within every adversity is an equal or greater benefit. Within every problem is an opportunity.” We just have to be diligent in finding it.
  4. Controlling Environmental Influence – The people you spend time with, the things you watch and the information you consume all influence the way you think. To stay on track with your purpose, you must intentionally control your environment and the way it impacts you. A positive focus from every level will lead to positive results.
  5. Time – It is the multiplier for your habits. Whether you drift into negativity or actively choose positive thinking, the habits you develop through your thoughts get stronger over time.
  6. Harmony – You must control the balance of the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Alignment in all three areas will help you get the results you want.
  7. Caution – It’s always important to think before you act. That time to think will allow you to consciously direct the action you take and ensure it’s the right one to reach your goal.

The greatest obstacle we face in reaching our personal goals is the hypnotic rhythm that keeps us inside our comfort zones, drifting through life. The true secret of success and reaching your fullest potential is mastering your own mind and using it to consciously break free from hypnotic rhythm, to take the path less traveled and build the life of your dreams.

Outwitting the Devil is a fascinating, provocative, and empowering book. With it you can create your own path to success, harmony, and fulfillment in an age of uncertainty and fear. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW.

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