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The Power of Book Clubs | A Resource that Quickly Increases Your Opportunities

Education, community and common purpose are three of the most powerful ways to bring more opportunities into your life, yet not many people utilize the one thing that brings them all together, in one place – a book club! The power of book clubs can’t be denied. They truly are a resource that can quickly increase your opportunities because they give you new perspectives and rapidly expand your power of association, with like-minded people. From there, many wonderful things can happen for you. 

What is the main purpose of a book club?

Book clubs bring together people who want to learn about a common topic, discuss it and then strategize about how to put these new ideas into practice. The best book clubs also act as accountability partners, helping each other grow. This kind of community is a powerful resource for transforming your life and building the future you want.

A key element of a book club is selecting a book that supports the needs and life-direction of its members. For example, the book I wrote with Kim Scouller, How Money Works for Women – Take Control or Lose It, is specifically designed to help women create a personal step-by-step financial plan. Not only is it directed toward a specific audience, the book follows nine women, each in a different decade of life, through transitions personally and financially. That means a book club using this book could bring together adult women of all ages, allowing them to combine the wisdom and learnings gained from the different perspectives that each decade of our lives offer. That opens many doors for each person in the group!

This is how education, community and common purpose come together in a book club, which can then be leveraged to make a lasting difference in each person’s life. 

What are the benefits of book clubs?

Book clubs have many benefits! They:

  • Bring together like-minded people
  • Engage curiosity
  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Deliver new perspectives
  • Open new possibilities
  • Create a community
  • Make you more thoughtful
  • Can trigger life transformations
  • Improve your future opportunities

This is nowhere near a complete list of book club benefits, but even just these few make it obvious that they are a powerful resource that can be used to increase the opportunities available to you, helping you to actively design the future you want to create.

What questions do you ask at a book club meeting?

Naturally, this will depend on the type of book you are reading, but here are a few questions you can use to start a conversation:

  • What was your favorite part of the book?
  • What was your greatest learning?
  • How has the book changed your point of view?
  • What is one thing you’d like to apply to your life?
  • How will applying it positively change your life?

You can apply these questions to each chapter of the book, which will help you explore it at a deeper level. The deeper the learning, the more ways you can find to use the teachings in your life. 

Book clubs really are an easy and powerful way to transform your life and quickly increase the opportunities that come to you. I hope you will join a book club or start your own today and reap all the benefits it will bring.

If you would like to expand your financial resources and get purposeful strategies you can immediately put to use in your life, I invite you to get your copy of How Money Works for Women – Take Control or Lose It! Whether you discuss it in a book club or read it on your own, you will get a wealth of insights and relevant tools you can use to build the future you want. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW!


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