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The Top Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss Out on as a Young Professional

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When most people think of opportunities, they think of things that come from outside of themselves that they can use or take part in to advance their endeavors. That perspective can cause missed opportunities because we are waiting for something to happen, rather than nurturing opportunities from the inside out. 

The earlier you start investing in yourself and your personal development, the faster you will start building the success you crave in every part of your life! That will create opportunities for you far faster than waiting for them to come to you. 

Here are the top opportunities you shouldn’t miss out on as a young professional:

Advocate for yourself. 

You are your best asset! It is up to you to distinguish the value that you deliver and then take the necessary actions to put yourself forward. 

To get started, do a self-assessment and identify your strengths and areas for growth. Then build your strategy for personal and professional development. Once you do, identify the things you will do on your own and the areas where you will need help. Talk to your managers or other professionals to get on-the-job-training or to select the best courses to advance your career, as well as the personal skills you wish to develop. 

Advocating for yourself and building your own success strategy says a lot about you, your professionalism, and your personal drive to excel. That kind of drive is remarkable and worth investing in!

Build your soft skills. 

Studies from Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Center have found that 85% of career success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills. 

What are soft skills? Communication abilities, emotional intelligence, time management, the ability to work in teams, and problem solving are examples of the types of soft skills you can develop. The better you can communicate and adapt your approach in your relationships personally and professionally, the more successful you will be in all areas of your life. 

Someone who works well with others and is flexible when it’s necessary (without compromising their own values) is the kind of person that others want on their team, which will open a world of opportunity for you!

Define your personal brand.

Your personal brand is the way other people think about you and the words they use to describe you to others. It is integral to the value you deliver. Your personal brand speaks to your integrity, capability and ability to make a difference in the world. 

Being consistent with your brand is essential! The more consistent you are the more trust and goodwill you will build – and people want to work with people they know, like and trust. 

When it comes to building your brand, remember there is only one you. You have natural skills and talents, as well as experiences that no one else has, which makes your contributions invaluable! The more you believe in that, the further you will go. 

Build your power of association.

When they say it’s who you know that makes a difference, they aren’t lying! Many of my greatest business successes have come from collaborations. From friends to family, coworkers to professional colleagues, the power of your network is ripe with opportunity. 

Make connecting with new people and strengthening your relationships within your network a regular part of your weekly schedule. That kind of care and attention will pay off in ways you can’t even imagine. 

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Explore new things. 

Nothing new happens inside your comfort zone. To be successful, you must challenge yourself to do new things. It could be anything from starting a new business, to developing a skill, travelling or even just taking a new route home. Each time you explore something new you open yourself to new places, things, people and experiences. That will help you learn more about yourself and how much you are capable of doing, which is SO MUCH more than you think it is! 

The better we know ourselves and our capabilities, the more confident we become. That confidence is attractive to other people and for new opportunities. 

Find a mentor. 

The fastest path to success is to follow in the footsteps of someone who has already done what you want to do or something like it. There really is no need to reinvent the wheel. The key though is finding the mentor who is right for you. (CLICK HERE TO GET TIPS FOR SELECTING A MENTOR WHO DOESN’T TAKE OVER.) Your mentor should be someone you respect and who also respects you. Like every great relationship, the best mentor-mentee partnerships are built on a foundation of trust. Once you find a great personality fit, an effective mentor will also help you get the results you want by using a proven program that is customized to your specific needs. 

By focusing on these opportunities as a young professional, you will set yourself up for a future that is successful and extremely fulfilling.

If you need help refining your vision, want to build a multi-million-dollar business from the ground up, or you want to experience greater levels of success in your life by getting clarity and a defined focus for your energy, my Master Mentor Program can help you like it’s helped many others! 


“Sharon Lechter champions her message by sharing it in ways that are compelling and relevant and by living the example for others to follow. An extraordinary mentor to many, she has inspired the rest of us to become the best form of ourselves.”Greg S. Reid, Award Winning Author and Speaker; Founder- Secret Knock, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur top rated event for business leaders and Investors  

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