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Get Yourself Out of Autopilot | Break Free from the Hypnotic Rhythm Blocking Your Success

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Utilizing positive habits that push you forward toward your goals are a great thing, but living in autopilot mode, where the majority of your life is a habitually predictable routine, is a sure sign that you aren’t doing what it takes to live up to your full potential.

If you want the successful life you deserve, you have to get yourself out of autopilot and break free from the hypnotic rhythm blocking your success. 

What is an example of being on autopilot?

We all have times when we go into autopilot mode.

  • Driving the same route to work (maybe you don’t even remember the drive there)
  • Eating or ordering the same meals 
  • Doing exactly the same things at the same time each day or week
  • Unconsciously scrolling on your phone


When autopilot mode gets engaged, we aren’t consciously aware of our thoughts and behaviors. That lack of consciousness can really affect our productivity and ability to build success because we lose ourselves in things that aren’t supporting our vision and creating one BIG life

So, the key to becoming more focused and increasing your motivation to get what you want, is to become more conscious of your thoughts and actions and how they are helping you reach your goals. 

The more you consciously direct your thoughts, the easier it will be to do the things that will make you successful. 

Why do humans go on autopilot?

Everything we do is orchestrated by the brain, which requires a lot of energy. This is why our brains also do everything they can to conserve energy, like engaging autopilot mode whenever possible.

For the same reason, our brains also like patterns and predictability, which is what happens when we live our lives rooted inside our comfort zones. There, everything is the same and the brain knows what’s going to happen. The more it can predict, the less work it has to do…and the cycle of hypnotic rhythm starts to build momentum.

To get the things we want in our lives, we need to start doing new things and breaking habits that keep us living in autopilot. 

How do I get out of auto pilot mode?

To get yourself out of autopilot mode, start by defining your vision for your life. It’s really easy to slip back into a hypnotic rhythm when you don’t know what to do with your time because you aren’t crystal clear on your goals. 

The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to focus your efforts on the things that are really important to you!

Once you have formulated your big vision, work backwards from it to where you are now by setting the milestones and goals you must pass and complete to make your vision a reality. 

With your success strategy in place, take an inventory of your positive versus negative habits. For example, what habits do you have that support your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing? Those are the things that will also support your success. 

Compare those habits to the things that pull you away from completing your goals, like “Netflix & chill” weekends, social media scrolling, or regularly spending time with toxic people who don’t support your vision. 

After you have considered your habits, decide what you need to do to engage more of your positive habits and less of the negative ones. Even doing just one thing differently can make a big difference!

BONUS TIP: Start setting intentions to become more mindful and conscious of your actions throughout the day. 

  • When you wake up in the morning set your overall intention for the day. That will be the theme you will work toward with your thoughts, decisions and actions. 
  • Also try setting intentions for the various segments of your day, like your drive to work, before each meeting, your lunch break, or supper with your family. Each shift you make from one task, place or thought process to another is an opportunity to refocus your mind with a new intention that is specific to the segment you are entering and the result you want to get from it. 

The more mindful you become of your thoughts, decisions and actions, the easier it will be to get yourself out of autopilot. It is the act of noticing when you’ve dropped into a hypnotic rhythm that will move you toward success. Each time you become conscious of it and change your behavior, it’s a win, and before you know it, you will leave autopilot mode behind, as you consciously make your vision a reality while living the life you really want!

Building success really does come down to mastering your own mind and using it to consciously break free from the hypnotic rhythm holding you back. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can consciously create your path to success, harmony, and fulfillment, I encourage you to get Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill. It is a fascinating, provocative, and empowering book that will help you conquer hypnotic rhythm and living in autopilot. 

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