Building a Life of Freedom as a Business Owner with Dr. Greg Pursley

Dr. Greg Pursley, or Dr. G, is a leading figure in personal growth. He’s committed to impacting a million lives by supercharging success through Belief Systems. As a small business …

Business man holds up motivational sign.

Creating Success with Your Surroundings: Making Due with What You Have

We’ve all heard the saying it takes money to make money. While there are truths to that adage, it is also true that you can start your journey into entrepreneurship, …

Balancing Passion and Practicality | Get the Steps to Start Doing What You Really Want

When you can wake up every day and do something you are truly passionate about, life changes into something wonderful, however, that doesn’t mean you should quit your day job …

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs | Building a Powerful Connection with Your Audience

To build a great business, you have to connect with the people who need you. For most entrepreneurs, that means building a solid personal brand, since it’s you they connect …

Find Your Mastermind

How to Find Your Mastermind

Your associations are among the most valuable resources you have. Are you part of a Mastermind?  If so, is it helping you speed your way to success?  Here are a …

Deliver a Dynamic Keynote Speech

Tips to Deliver a Dynamic Keynote Speech

As a speaker, the information you share is only as good as the effectiveness with which you share it. Your ability to delivery a dynamic keynote speech starts with your …


How Personal and Business Budgeting Differs

That’s because keeping a household operating in the black requires many of the same skills necessary for running a business. That overlap can be a huge positive for new entrepreneurs, as they can draw on the skills they’ve cultivated while dealing with their own household finances


Best Practices for Creating a Mastermind

Do you need help realizing the long-held goals you’ve set for yourself? Do you harbor even greater aspirations that you haven’t shared with anyone, for fear that you’ll seem overly ambitious?

That’s OK — almost all of us do! The truth is that most of our goals and dreams are eminently achievable, if we take the right steps to make them happen. One of the concepts that I’ve found most helpful over the years is the “mastermind.” It’s a deeply powerful idea that allows you to tap into the collective wisdom and authority that surrounds you, and it’s responsible for helping countless entrepreneurs reach their dreams.


Recommended Reading for Budding Entrepreneurs

There’s one thing that successful people have in common beyond financial wealth or a diversified portfolio. It’s something that’s inexpensive (or free) and can be found in your local library. …

pursuing a career as an entrepreneur

Pursuing Entrepreneurship After Graduation

College graduation is a wonderful achievement for the future of graduates. Studies have shown that degree holders earn at least $1 million more over the course of their lifetime than high school graduates.