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How to Find Your Mastermind

Find Your Mastermind

Your associations are among the most valuable resources you have. Are you part of a Mastermind?  If so, is it helping you speed your way to success?  Here are a few categories to consider to ensure you find your mastermind of associations that will support your goals. No matter what kind of mastermind you are seeking, always remember that trust and confidentiality will be key ingredients for a productive group. Find Your Mastermind

Napoleon Hill coined the term Mastermind in the early 1900’s and he defined it as:

The Mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Identify the Mastermind You Want

Today the term is used as a “one size fits all” description for many different types of group meetings.  The term is often interchanged with “strategic planning meeting,” “brainstorming session,” or “brain-trust.” I have found that if you further define the purpose of your Mastermind, it will become much easier for you to find your mastermind.  Since Hill also said the first step for achieving your goals is definiteness of purpose, I have combined definiteness of purpose with the concept of the Mastermind principle in the following categories for my business and individual goals.

Peer Mastermind 

-Me working on my business issues while simultaneously helping other peers work on their issues as well.

I have been a member of the Women Presidents Organization for over 20 years .  My chapter is comprised of approximately 15 women who are all the Founders, Presidents or top women executives within their specific and unique fields.  When I come to the table with an issue in my business or personal life, inevitably several of the other women have dealt with similar issues along their careers.  They share their individual experiences on their own journeys…what worked and sometimes even more importantly what didn’t work…and they help me chart a more laser focused action plan to address my specific issue.  The very next month, I may be sharing my personal experiences to help another member of my group address a current issue she is facing.  Many of my closest friends have come from this Peer Mastermind. In order to find your mastermind of peers, be clear on who you consider to be a peer and what types of common experiences will facilitate the highest level of support for each other.

Adviser Mastermind

-Me working On my business with strategic advisors and mentors.

My advisor mastermind is essential in helping me chart the strategic vision of my company.  By bringing together my financial and legal advisors, along with my mentors who have already achieved success in the field I am pursuing, I draw on an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge of true experts.  I often say, “Seek counsel not opinions.”  My advisor Mastermind provides me priceless counsel by bringing their expertise, their experience…and their rolodexes (incredible contacts) to the table.

Team Mastermind

-Me working In my business by bringing my internal team together to draw from internal strengths and to better identify internal weaknesses.

I have an incredible team and I learn as much, if not more, from them than they do from me.  While I am usually out “stirring the pot,” they are back at the office in the trenches dealing with the day to day business we create.  It is essential that I keep up on the issues they face, the solutions they come up with as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and strategic partners.  A leader’s greatest skill should be the ability to listen.  We have a policy of identifying “little wins” at our company so that we bring the positive energy from the celebration of each and every accomplishment into our environment. In order to find your mastermind team to work IN your business with you, be clear on the still sets and character traits that will support you today as well as move you in the direction you want to go for the future of your business.

Personal Mastermind

-Me working on my physical, spiritual, and mental (emotional) goals.

This has been the most challenging of my Mastermind efforts as I have always felt “I need to do it on my own.”  In the last few years I have realized that having a Mastermind of close family and friends where we are committed to each other’s physical, spiritual and emotional health, has built in an accountability that has motivated me to work much harder to achieve those goals.  If you are like me and tend to prioritize your own well being last, having a personal mastermind is a great way to move your wellness to the front burner. In order to find your mastermind for your areas of your personal life, be sure you are ready for accountability and then give your group permission to call you if you aren’t keeping commitments to yourself.

The Take Away

Please ask yourself about your Masterminds and where they fall within these categories.  Do you need to better focus your current group…or do you need to create a different Mastermind to focus on achieving specific goals for your business or personal growth? The key to find your mastermind for any category in your life is to be clear on your goals and outcomes from the group.

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