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Creating Success with Your Surroundings: Making Due with What You Have

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We’ve all heard the saying it takes money to make money. While there are truths to that adage, it is also true that you can start your journey into entrepreneurship, advancing your career or creating success by making due with what you have…which is a lot more than you realize. And it doesn’t just include money.

How do I start from zero?

The first step, when you are starting from zero, is to define what you want. Get crystal clear about what it is, why you want it and how it will make a difference in the world. Many people have a general idea about what they want but they are not specific. It’s exceedingly difficult to hit a target if you don’t know what or where it is. The clearer you are, the easier it will be. This just may be your most important resource as it will always give you direction.

Next, take an inventory of the resources you have available to you- and not just financial resources. When you start at zero, many will get bogged down in negative thinking, believing they have little to use to their advantage. In reality, you have more at your disposal than you realize. You actually have everything you need right now to start building the foundation for your success. Here are just a few things you can use to get going:

  • You! You are a resource! Your past experiences and natural talents give you a lot to work with. Own your personal power, harness your resourcefulness, be determined and stay accountable to yourself. That is the way you will make your vision a reality, with or without money!
  • Free online information, courses and resources. There is so much information available to us in just a few clicks! Filling any knowledge gaps you have will make you even more formidable, as you take the steps for creating success.
  • Your network. Your power of association will deliver amazing things, which is why regular networking should be part of your success plan. The opportunities and partnerships that will come from it will be life changing. 

Then, decide to actively develop a beginner’s mindset because it will be invaluable to you, as you take the steps for creating success. A beginner’s mindset is curious and open to learning new things. Think about a young child learning how to draw. They don’t get down on themselves as they learn, they get excited about everything they do! The more you can embrace the beginner’s mindset as you learn new skills, step outside of your comfort zone and stretch your limits, the easier it will be to realize your success. 

Your final step is to create a strategic success plan, with specific goals and milestones, so you know exactly how much progress you are making toward your goals. 

All of these things above cost nothing, and they are hugely effective for building success.

How do you create a strategic success plan?

All achievements, no matter how big, are accomplished one step at a time. Creating a strategic success plan isn’t difficult, you simply need a step-by-step approach. 

  1. Detail your vision. The need to have a crystal-clear vision was mentioned above, but it is so important for creating success, I want to mention it again. This must be the starting point of your strategy. 
  2. Assess your skills and needs. When your vision is big, you won’t be able to do everything on your own. Do a self-assessment and decide what you can immediately take on, what you need to learn and where you can use your network to help you. 
  3. Set your goals and objectives. Once you know the final result you want to create, you can work your way backward to where you are now. From your end goal, break things down into smaller and smaller chunks, until you have a list of simple steps to take.
  4. Take action! Many people do all the planning to create their success, but then fail in this step because fear takes over. Don’t defeat yourself. If you have the vision, you can do it! Just take that step.
  5. Celebrate Little Wins!  Take time to acknowledge every step as a little win.  It will grow your self-confidence and inspire  you to keep going.

Creating success with limited resources simply takes creativity, resourcefulness and dedication. If you think you can, you will! You do have what it takes, and with the information above, you can build your strategic plan to make due with what you have, while you start building the abundant life you so richly deserve. 

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