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As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, financial literacy advocate and successful business woman, Sharon Lechter combines her passion and expertise with class and charisma to deliver dynamic presentations for audiences around the world. Known for her commitment to providing valuable information as well as actionable steps, Sharon approaches every engagement as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of each individual in the room. She is recognized globally as an expert on many topics, including publishing, personal finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Sharon has spoken to audiences across the United States and all over the world, including UK, Japan, Ghana, Uganda, China, Brazil, and Ireland.

Empowering Individuals, Elevating Organizations

Sharon brings personal experience, industry and economic insights as well as humor, warmth and interaction to make each presentation compelling, informative and fun.

A powerful speaker, uplifting coach and successful business executive, she shares the groundbreaking teaching of Napoleon Hill, provides relevant information to influence change and energizes audiences to find ways to thrive within their personal and professional lives. With her philosophy of service and interactive approach to content delivery Sharon will captivate at your next event, making her a fit for corporate, education, non-profit and private events.

Example Speaking Topics

From Competition to Collaboration: The New Normal

The business environment has shifted from a culture of win-lose to win-win. Sharon will share how you can elevate your business by adopting cooperative strategies that will allow you to leverage the expertise and resources of collaborative partners, broaden your market reach and expand your client base. This powerful presentation will provide your audience the information they need to make meaningful shifts in business strategies and mindset.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The current economic crisis has caused a global “reset” in the way we manage our businesses. Sharon will discuss how you can seize current economic opportunities and engage your employees to drive your success. She will reveal how you can leverage ongoing advancements in communication to accelerate your marketing efforts, adjust to the changing demographics of employees, manage the devaluation of the US dollar and address environmental issues, both the pitfalls and benefits.

Every business owner wanting to see their business grow will learn immediate actionable steps…steps that will propel their business forward, while improving their business culture and employee morale at the same time.

Our Quiet Revolution: Women Leading the Future-

Sharon reveals how women today are driving the change they want to see…and creating the next global economic opportunities along the way! Your audience will discover the new Care Economy- where communication and collaboration will drive bottom line results. Sharon will share how Social Currency will be our secret weapon and reveal how to lead companies and families with grace (at the same time!) while challenging ongoing aspirations for Balance instead of Significance.

Preserve Your Family’s Legacy

Are your children prepared to take control of their financial future and thrive? Sharon Lechter shares how can position your heirs to receive and grow your family’s wealth, continue your family’s legacy of philanthropy and convert an entitlement mindset to one of empowerment. This presentation will provide you the tools and insights you need to empower your children to become masters of money- not slaves to it; and to prevent boomerang kids who return as adults to live in the same home as their parents.

You are the CEO of Your Life!

During this impactful presentation, Sharon will identify the strategies and tools you need to take control of your financial life. You will learn how to differentiate good debt from bad debt, how to transform your credit score from a liability into an asset and learn about wealth building from a globally recognized expert on the subject of financial literacy. You will walk away ready to take control and to be the CEO of your life!

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