Doing Real Good with Christine Ong Cothrun

Christine Ong Cothrun is a multi-generational Arizonan whose ancestors came to America many years ago to build the trans-continental railroad. Growing up in a family that has directly witnessed the value and positive outcome of surviving despite hardships and adapting to ones environment has taught Christine to be the powerful entrepreneur that she is today. Though Christine now works as a top real estate agent in Arizona, she has worked across multiple business fields and has truly become the best in her field.

Sharon and Christine speak about her rise to success and the positive impact of her familial lineage, as well the importance of ancestry in the world that we live in today. Christine gives genuine feedback about the best ways in which someone can elevate their personal brand by being their true authentic self and looking boldly into your future. Christine and Sharon also speak candidly about the barriers that they have run into in their lives, as well as the ways in which resistance creates resilience and can drive you towards your goal. Christine shares her expertise in building a personal brand and creating a career that only puts money into your pockets but matches with your personal lifestyle.


What You Will Learn

  • Christine’s ancestral backstory
  • Story of surviving despite hardship
  • Techniques for adapting to ones environment
  • How ancestors impact ones path
  • How to be your most authentic self
  • Meaning of feast or famine
  • Example of resistance creating resilience
  • Tips for building your personal brand

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