Immediate Happiness with Love Doctor Anil Gupta

Anil is a true expert when it comes to relationships and happiness – he is a guest speaker as well as a life coach for some of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Having overcome suicide as a result of major setbacks during the recession, Anil is now the founder of The Happiness Score, author of the best-selling novel Immediate Workshop, and has held workshops in over 18 countries around the world. He has had an extremely positive influence on the lives of countless people.


Sharon speaks with Anil about his journey to becoming the successful person that he is today, and the hardship that he suffered in his path to get there, as well as the radical change that Anil went through after 2008. They additionally go into depth on why Anil chose his path and the amazing changes that he went through in his mindset and larger approach to life. Anil speaks to his amazing mentality and the life-changing principles he teaches – from the three G’s of Greatness to the importance of intent and vibrational energy.

What You Will Learn

  • Ani’s radical mindset change
  • How Anil’s journey radically changed in 2008
  • Why Anil went into public speaking
  • Importance of intent / vibrational energy
  • Three G’s of greatness

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