Next Generation Publishing with Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger has worked in the intersection of publishing and promotion and is a best-selling author across several continents. In addition to his own publications like the Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Jesse is a master entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of authors around the world achieve their publishing dreams. A source of inspiration for people around the world, Jesse is a master of taking advantage of taking advantage of amazing opportunities that present themselves in auspicious ways. Jesse is also deep into the world of NFTs and all of the amazing things that they have to offer.


Sharon and Jesse speak about how he got into the world of NFTs and the amazing potential that this seemingly mysterious invention is all about. He delves into the awesome opportunities that NFTs can offer entrepreneurs, public speakers, and authors alike and how they can utilize them to grow their business and brand. Jesse speaks about some examples of how people have used NFTs in his sector, how NFTs can be transferred and how anyone can truly capitalize on this new global invention to bring their businesses, brands and message to entirely new heights.


What You Will Learn

  • How Jesse got into the world of NFTs
  • What NFTs are all about
  • Possibilities that NFTs offer the world
  • How NFTs work for business-related authors
  • NFTs as an event ticket and confirmation
  • How NFT transferring works

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