Leveraging the Unexpected with Tori Kruse

Tori Kruse is Miss Missouri USA turned lifestyle coach who has worked as a print and runway model, hosted red carpet events, and has worked as a reporter. She currently works with women across the country in their pathes to unlock their greater purpose without letting barriers get in their way. She operates her own coaching program, as well as works as a public speaker for people of all ages and backgrounds.


In this episode, Sharon speaks with Tori about her upbringing and how it contributed to her becoming the amazing person that she is today. They also discuss Tori’s journey from the great successes that she achieved to the barriers she achieved in her path to getting there. They discuss the importance of having a powerful support system backing you along the way, and the importance of not just thinking about the crown, but the path of self-discovery and perseverance that it takes to achieve it.


What You Will Learn

  • What Tori’s upbringing was like
  • Value of supporting everyone around you
  • Tori’s journey to becoming Miss Missouri
  • Struggles that Tori faced along the way in her career

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