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Strive to Be Abnormal

So many of us waste time worrying about fitting in or fretting about being “normal” because of what other people might think. 


I want to encourage you to be ABNORMAL!


Think about it…. If you try to be normal, you’re staying in the status quo by being like everyone else. You can’t change the world that way! To make your impact and play big, you HAVE to be different. You HAVE to think in ways other people don’t, to create something new.  


The people who have made a huge impact on our world didn’t really fit in with the norms of the day. 


Aristotle, Einstein, Tesla, Mandela, Picasso…and the list goes on. Each one of them had a vision and saw a change they could make in the world. They saw something that “could be” and brought it to life. And because they were “abnormal” in their thinking and they took action on it, they moved us to a place of greater understanding. 


The art of thinking differently is something you can develop easily! 

Use these three steps every day to boost your powers of “abnormal” thinking.

  • Be curious. Look deeper. Wonder why. That will bring you to new places.
  • Learn something new. The new perspectives, ideas, and possibilities you will get will bring new opportunities too. 
  • Move your body. When your body is stagnant, your mind can go into a lull. Get moving and energize your body and your brain. You will be surprised at the new connections you will make in your mind.


Dr. Wendie Trubow is one of those amazing people who is “abnormal” and doing great things in the world! 


She believes that every challenge in a woman’s life is important – everything from their work and home to their spirituality and relationships. In this week’s podcast, Your Journey to Vitality and Success, Wendie discusses her struggles with a variety of health issues and how these struggles have changed her life for the better. She also shares her secrets to help transform your life, live fully, and age gracefully. Listen now!


That is powerful. It is beautiful. And you can do it too!

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